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How one thing might hold another

Good Morning.

It is still raining.


So there was an old scrap of patchwork, made paperless piecing style, saved from something.  I cut some pieces off. Framed them, cabin style.  Using some muslin scrap as a foundation.

They seem happy.

I like how the new patchwork holds the older patchwork.  Safely as new form.

I do like the framing/holding aspect of the the log cabin format.  There are a lot of little old things floating around in the nothing basket that could use a hug and a little attention.  I even imagine them feeling more useful.

I suppose this could work with some old stray weaving.


sometimes I use the small scraps to sketch on.

doesn't' want to lie flat, wants to rise up.

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  1. That first set of pics…the warm colored block…I see a few of those ‘leaves’ continued in stitch, with little white thread bead dots! I guess I’ve been hanging around here a while 😉

  2. as my Aunt Francis used to say….Mark my words

    i’m waiting for any day now, a segment on NPR Morning Edition
    How Log Cabin is being studied as a therapeutic means for all
    mannner of brain function

    • jude

      the basket has become really something in the last months, I have lumped it all together without the stress of trying to find anything, all is going grab bag style.

  3. I do like the sketchiness of the other sides, especially the block printed cotton … and yes, log cabin seaming is one of my favorite things to do … as with many of the simplest things (running and back stitch come to mind), it has so much potential

    • jude

      the sketchiness is soothing and it is inspiring some what-iffing.
      The log cabin is just simple, yes, ease. And useful.

  4. Pam S.

    I think log cabins have been stuck in my head for quite awhile now,
    A love and hate thing going on at the moment 😁

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