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Just a Little

There is always time for  least this much. If I want to.

A few stitches, a few thoughts.

I often use the "other" side  of  printed cloth.  Because it seems often times sketchy.  It  depends on the type of cloth too, and the colors and the type of dyes and the method used for the print...how sketchy it seems.  So considering the other side also helps me know more about the cloth.  Cloth is my friend and I like knowing.   Here I used both sides in one fragment.  I came across this scrap of cloth way back in 1973.  I remember.  I rescued it.

small cloth

A little Kombucha with meals has really helped my gut issues.  Like gone. And no coffee, I finally let it go.  Health is more important than ever.

The smoke from the wildfires in Canada has returned in a bad way.  The sky is the color of what's left in that glass. And the heat has ramped up.

how does your garden grow?

It was just a little.  Now yarrow has taken hold here and I am very happy about that. Even though it is in the enclosed garden.  I think reconsidering garden is on my mind.



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  1. Amy

    Just reading this now as I was away for a few days. Isn’t it amazing how we can remember the origin of so many of our fabric scraps? I was thinking about that the other day. Of late I’ve gotten much better about using my precious scraps, rather than saving them in a box forever.

  2. Julia Salem

    Hey Jude, what is the best way to harvest indigo? I have much more than I planned this year but want to preserve for use. Thanks!

    • jude

      I don’t really know too much about that, never tried extracting it to save. So I cannot advise. I always use what I grow. There is a ton of information online though.

  3. sharon

    how stitches ‘n thoughts grow over time, like seeds. how the front ‘n other side of the rescued cloth become part of the same story. may all u share with us be multiplied back in surprising ways…

  4. Hi jude – I love your garden talk. I too use the reverse; in my white quilt I use it almost exclusively because I want a soft cohesive feel. More restful. I have 3 quilts going at once … a green, a blue, a white … life is more flexible this way. And clothing alterations are in there somewhere too.

  5. Judith

    I saw yarrow in colors not long ago; didn’t know it even existed. It was in soft colors like the back of fabrics; yellow and pink. Life keeps surprising me.

  6. Nancy

    So sorry for the bad air quality, but happy for a healthy gut. Made me wonder if I should try it, but things work differently on me. Mmmm…

  7. deemallon

    I love using both sides of cloth. Good news about new habits. Hope your hip is feeling better too. I have a new term for how stiff I am first thing: Morning Back. Fortunately it doesn’t last all day!

  8. Yes, there is always time for a little. I have been working so hard on that. Home today, going to do more things. Starting in the garden before it gets too hot. No smoke yet but it seems like we all take our turns now. I need to give up coffee. I suspect it would help me a lot too.

  9. Sarita

    One’s medium as friend I’m considering that!
    Exploration as a way of knowing self.
    Been away from my garden for 4 weeks…you got me thinking what surprises it will hold for me next week!! 💖

  10. Lynne

    We have some of the smoke down here in Philly. Just the little video flash of a clamp tells me what I need to know to go on for the moons. I’m also going to use intense pencils. They become permanent with a bit of water, aloe vera gell. Or gac 900 fabric medium. Play play play!

    • jude

      I have used inktense here and there, just to know, they are not always as permanent as they say. I find they perform differently on different fabrics. might be the finish on the cloth, might be the fiber content. I should do more trials. Ironing seems to help.

  11. Nancy D

    Oh, Yarrow! I do so love it. Mine has almost finished flowering, but I have harvested quite a bit. Its mediciney aroma I like…
    Someone should start a Cloth Rescue site, olde cloth only! Then we could adopt!

    • jude

      this is really the first time I have had enough to harvest. I just let it be and gave it compost.

      so many stray scraps out there…

    • Marilee

      Hi Nancy D: There is a group somewhere in the Midwest that sells only secondhand and old fabric. Unfortunately, I only read about them in an article and never saved the site. Maybe someone here knows about it and can share.

    • jude

      this is a bit different for me, but I am really sitting next to a big basket of scraps leftover from further back than I can remember. Just pulling them out and seeing if U can connect them. I think green is probably on my mind’s edge because of season, I keep choosing green to begin.

  12. Jana Jopson

    “Cloth is my friend and I like knowing.” Such a tender phrase. Both sides now to see that little bit more.

    The blessings of a happy gut! 🙂

    Canadian fire smoke drifting down to Tennessee this week.

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