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Almost Talking Thursday

two small cloths


I had imagined  (I almost wrote planned, eeeek)  a little audio and even perhaps trying a video but yesterday I forgot to leave my car for inspection, so I have to do it this morning among other things.


Seriously I now understand why Mom had so many  lists.  I cannot remember anything.

Anyway, it started here and there were some thoughts about combining these ideas... the Moonflower and Just Home.

Thinking too, now, how the Moonflower here, such a hodgepodge, but how it is still held together by the circle of time.

But then all the raining... and sitting, while nursing my sore hip.

the corner elements make it very storybook, but there are a lot of mosquitoes.

And now.

Just Green Home

And again a little nothing woven right through.  Into.

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  1. these days I head for a scrap of notepaper and a pen only to forget what it was I wanted to remember, standing with pen in hand hoping for the synapse to reawaken … sigh

    those four-patch moonflower corners are just so right … especially the eclipsed moon in the lower left

    and thank you to Judith for spotting the lizard …

    • jude

      yeah I found that what I am working on is the only record I can expect mostly. I should record as I go but I forget to do that too, oh ha.

      I love this moonflower format, it can be a grid and free flowing at the same time.

  2. sharon

    how a home, embroidered by its environment, becomes increasingly beauty-full over time. love the rosy, frayed fabric in the top right corner. lists can be sew freeing. heal better soon!

  3. Jen

    I am always intrigued by your work, Jude, you have such a way of making your cloth work SO painterly! I just Love that….your little green home…ooooo! ahhh!

  4. Vi

    I was going to ask you about your dyed moons..they are just gorgeous! Lynne did..and I was happy to read your answer!!:) Lessons 17 and 18…terrific! Such a wealth of info..thanks.
    Just Home ….so full of living…
    Really hope your hip is mending and less sore as the days progress.

  5. Lynne Watson

    I am dyeing (!) to ask you, how do you get the dyed circle moons? I’m usually pretty good at figuring out how things are done, but this has me stumped. Do you use resist? do you use discs of some sort to block out the moons? Do you overdye?

    • jude

      Ha! Yes it is clamped resist. I use coins mostly for small circles and plexiglass shapes for bigger stuff. Yes, I mostly overdye because I use rescued scraps of cloth collected over the years. I dye using indigo. I learned resist dyeing from Glennis at Shibori Girl Studios, She has some free instruction in her sidebar under Free(r) content links.
      I show a bit of my process in lessons 17 and 18 in my open whispering color class here:

    • jude

      the moonflower is like a basket of time, it has become a great comfort.
      The forest is hugging this place after all the rain.

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