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Weaving Wednesday again

To continue  with a focus on weaving components... from the Original Considering Weave Class.   Because weaving components is really very much on my mind. Again.


7/06/14  Part of this Considering process is reconsidering all that I do in terms of where my current considering finds me.  So side trips occur as  new thoughts find their way into old work or  small journeys that often times might seem unrelated.  If you have travelled with me for a while you know I am prone to wander off and wander back again.   

I was working on this piece...

nice to look back


notes to self, might be timeless

So this is where I am finding myself again.  Ready to experiment a bit more with the cloth loom idea and perhaps taking it further.  With components in mind.

But then who knows, maybe just looking and thinking again will simply lead me in a new direction.

The basket style weave, continued from here.

As usual a few things came together for considering this morning.

Skeaving has a built in base.

What if I combine different styles of woven components?




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  1. I really appreciate your thoughts on “considering” & “reconsidering”! I, too, am in the midst of Both.
    I love the way that some etymologies see the Latin “sīdus” at the root of both “consider” & “desire”! Prefix “con-” is “with” & “de-” here is not the negative “away from” but “completely” or “intensely.” And “sidus” is star or constellation,
    It does feel like trying to follow my inner guiding Stars — though sometimes my fuzzy vision makes it hard to see & identify exactly which ones they are.
    Thanks for the Jung quote at the bottom of the page!!!

  2. sharon

    the creation of actual cloth is primal for me. note to self #1 is especially intriguing. considering interwoven weavings. the cloth loom’s ability to form limitless imagined shapes. wow! your old work interwoven with the new. heavy sigh! i LOVE weaving wednesdays! x

  3. Jana

    A world of weave I would have never imagined. The idea of cutting out something already made … and letting it lend itself to yet another creation. Thanks!

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