jude hill spirit cloth

from the rain forest

A little sun break this morning...

So so needed. Nine days of rain.  Humidity is not my friend.


just looking

I removed some of the woven components from the cloth piece I used to call Earth Weeping.  I suppose because it suddenly seemed too cluttered,  maybe even held too much negative drama.  It's been raining for days and I needed something sun like.  To focus on positive energy.  I attached that extended nine patch.  I was amazed how,  without looking until now, how the little skeaving was so aligned with this other piece, in terms of color and mood.

I will get back to the skeave thing.   There is more to say after I tried a few things. Which is how we learn.

Today just looking. Two more days of big thunderstorms expected here. And when I say big, I have never experienced thunder like this.  Thrilling.

There seems to be a lot of new followers here,  not sure why, but welcome!


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  1. Your photo reminded me I grew some echinacea a couple of years ago. They were so pretty but since I grew them from seeds, seemed so slow.
    Glad you got some rain and then some sun. Here we are thankful for cooler temps so far -but the heat eventually comes. Really feeling compassion for those in the south with all that relentless heat. I’m enjoying your re-workings!

    • jude

      these from seed when I moved in. They have spread everywhere.
      heat is coming but wow, that heat dome down south is just awful.

      • I think we just didn’t get enough rain to sprout any fallen seeds. On the other hand, the poppies and cornflowers ran amok. I’m still cleaning them up from when I was gone. It was chaos out there. A little bit every day…

  2. Love how the top circle seems like a shadow, quietly there. We’ve had more sun than normal for June but not too hot. Hoping that the not too hot holds.

    • jude

      I like the silk screen over the circle too. This kind of silk is so useful for shadowing. The heat and the smake are coming back in a few days. combined with the humidity it ain’t gonna be pretty. Will probably leave the garden to its own going. I am covered with bites from just a few minutes in the garden yesterday.

  3. deb

    There is nothing like a Hudson Valley thunderstorm. Ten or twenty minutes after you think it’s over, it circles around to dish out another round. I used to imagine that the storms got caught between the Hudson and the Atlantic and had no place to go. So they stayed

  4. Pam S.

    We have too much lightning here with the booming thunderstorms! Nice change today with the sun out ☀️
    The two pieces do look in harmony with each other 💙💙

    • jude

      Almost seemed like a plan.
      I guess the heat wilk be next. They had predicted drought here this summer, very surprised with all the rain.

  5. This is stop in your tracks and breathe stunning Jude. less is definitely more in this case. Plus, the two work so well together. Wish I could hear your Thunder! We used to get great Summer thunderstorms in the Carson Valley, NV – early 1980’s. Such joy!

    • jude

      Kept staring at it, then ok, poof.
      More rain than I have ever seen here, but the thunder, could knock you right off your feet.

  6. Beth from Still Life Pond

    This is so beautiful in it’s new simplicity. It there a thin overlay of silk? Terribly dry here and it is heating up close to 100. I got garden plantings in late and have had to water every other day.

    • jude

      yes, a very verry old silk lining from something. with the threads that bound it still here and there. so strong in it’s transparency.

      it was so so dry here. the garden was so difficult to maintain. and so slow. gosh the tomatoes formed overnight.
      and it’s pouring again here.

  7. Barbara Inskeep

    I think I am east of you in Northern Vermont… my little flowers are liking the rain becoming very green but not tall and slow buds.
    I’m enjoying the light & space you’ve allowed to come thru above, and the way my eye is drawn lower into the jewel like richness, fading into a washing away..letting go.. beautiful. Lovely how Taking away allows the space from above to balance the whole piece. Your intuitive ways are such an inspiration to me.

    • jude

      I used to hold on more to the “thing”, thinking the time spent and the thought needed to be honored instead of the evolution of the thought. it feels so much better let change take hold when it needs to. The light and space, I agree, it feels joyous.
      and those little weaving can find a better place to speak.

  8. You’ve made great changes to the piece previously known as Earth Weeping. It looks like it has something to say – a prophecy or proclamation! Beautiful. We had a few small thunderclaps this morning, in the middle of some heavy showers. Even the little ones are thrilling.

    • jude

      I love having things long enough to help them evolve, to remind myself that form is temporary.
      And I love a good storm. These have been so exhilarating, the power…

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