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easing into summer

Too humid for humans...

I guess I will call him Bigger Bird

We have a Cooper's Hawk here.  Finally identified it by it's call.  Couldn't get a good pic.  Hangs out at the tree that the Pileated Woodpecker is destroying slowly.  (as roof guy used to say, "they have to eat too")  A good view of the garden.  And the birdbath.  They eat other birds.  And seem to celebrate by laughing.

I have become so aware of how my presence here changes everything.

Reaching back.

Weaving but not Wednesday.

imagining loom


It's been there a while.

Continuing. Not necessarily repeating.

Skeave.  It is in the glossary  and if you search for the word here, you might find a few old posts  mentioning it.

And here in the form of a simple cloth loom,  another version, that seems to be just a version of weave stitching as well.

Just drawn warp lines  and imagining I am weaving while stitching.  Because as I have always sensed stitching is weaving really.

So.  Again, stitch, sketch and weave.

How they can become, have become one.

Another version of this is on my mind... maybe later.


I "warped "this "loom" so long ago, just picked it up again this morning and it did indeed feel like weaving.

That's good because I injured my hip  and this is just easier right now.

What if the drawn lines were not permanent?

What if this could be a component?

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  1. Helen Salo

    Always inspiring ❤️ still following after all these years and never get bored. Glad I found you so long ago😊🥰

  2. Lynn Watson

    “A cloth loom with weave stitching…” Thank you Jude for this inspiration, and I love your pic of it. I’m sorry to hear of your hip problem and hope you get some relief soon…. Best wishes,, Lynn

  3. sharon

    i’m now seeing embroidery thru the eyes of weaving. with hand-dyed yarn. what if the drawn warp lines were different colors… or inked on?
    how we all are interwoven…

  4. Judith

    Interesting concept; i think i’ll give it a try when I get tired of housework Sunday. I retired 18 years ago but for some reason the day to clean house never changed.
    Sore hip, humid weather — very good reasons for you to rest today.

  5. Pam S.

    Lots of ideas swirling in my head after seeing your weaving on drawn warp lines 💙
    Hope your hip feels better soon

  6. Now that looks like fun! Haven’t seen the merlins recently but there has been an eagle passing over the last few days. I am not sure we can live somewhere without changing it…

  7. Truly brilliant …
    Warping with a Pilot Frixion Clicker pen, add some heat and the lines would disappear. My fave pen. I have white pens that do the same thing but don’t know name..on amazon and very cheap.

    • Jen

      Ooh, no, hope you heal well & swiftly!
      Redtail hawks prevent me from letting the hens free range anymore. Sad for that becuz it means the hawk habitat is under the dozers. Dammit.
      Back into the HEAT & Humidity here again…no rain this weekend! Hit and miss this week…
      Hot afternoons might be a good time to pick up the needle again. So many ideas!!

  8. Jana Jopson

    ” I’d love to come, but I’ll be skeaving on Sunday and can’t make it.”

    Food for the imagination. Thanks.

  9. Marilee

    Skeaving –interesting.
    We have smaller hawks here — redtail, I think, but we also have an eagles’ nest about a football field away. Our feeders out back attract all manner of bird and squirrels, and when the eagles are soaring overhead, or the neighborhood cats come into the yard the “head” squirrel start chuckling his warning and all the birds disappear.

  10. Ah, a backyard Hawk! I’d be sittin’ for a long, long while, just watching. Your ‘loom’ holds so much imagination! Sorry about your hip, hope you heal quickly.

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