jude hill spirit cloth

layers of going

an ols sketch layed over some trails in the dry dirt.

How  a few days in June changed my perspective.  I stitched a few scraps to a very thin cloth this week.  Now yes, this morning, I think thinness, fragility as a base.  What is held is not on solid ground.

I saw the bobcat. There was no camera. It was not that kind of moment.  I can only tell you. Maybe you will believe me.  The thinness in that is just so beautiful.  The fragility of trust.  They say bobcat sightings are rare.   It is happening a lot.  Maybe it depends on who is looking, and looking back.  I just freeze.  We stare.     This time there was face cleaning, like Soul-o after a meal.  Probably there was a meal.  But what a relaxed moment.

I have no real desire to be looking at screens right now.  I am distracted by the season which seems to have  broken into countless layers.  Thin blankets in time.  And it feels quite cozy.

The picture above, an old joodle layered over some tracks in the dry earth.  Now all mud as the rain has begun and promises to continue all week.

Nine for how it goes. The elusive timeframe.

I continue to consider the MoonFlower format.   There is an ease in it  with all these puzzle pieces now floating in the nothings basket.  Making rings from anything is possible.  I like this one because it seems to be appearing and disappearing at the same time.   Something and Nothing depending on your thought process.  And personally there seems a truth in that.  The barely pink center is avocado dyed.

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  1. Sue

    Rain woke me at dawn after a long dry spell. I had even left my bath water to siphon onto the garden this morning!
    I need to make dawn rising a habit. No bobcats, but I might catch sight of a fox or deer. Nature is such a comfort.

  2. Joyce

    Bobcat! How exciting!! When we lived in Colorado, a mountain lion took down a deer in our yard. I heard the screams. 🙁 He stayed around for a week eating the deer – mostly at night. The second day, I watched him for hours from an upstairs window. Acted just like a giant cat – sunning, giving himself a bath. Made himself a bed in the the scrub oak. One day we went out to water our newly planted apple trees, thinking he was gone, but he walked right behind my husband! All I had for defense was a bucket! But he didn’t seem to care about us or the people walking dogs just a few yards away. As long as he had food, he seemed content and did not challenge anyone. It was fascinating!

    • jude

      I love these kinds of experiences!
      Watched a fox kill a squirrel from the kitchen window. Just stood there and watched how skilled an operation it was. No human drama, just watched and understood.

  3. sharon

    the moonflower time frame, like night sky pics taken from a moving car on a bumpy road. love the randomness of it, like your encounter with the bobcat. the serendipity of it all makes me smile…

  4. The quality of translucence in this arrangement is beautiful.
    I’m inspired to step off the white (quilt) path and play with moons today.
    Fun is First.

  5. Velma Bolyard

    bobcats are all around hereabouts, too. they are cats and they aren’t cats. be smart, leave plenty of space between you both, so they don’t feel threatened. i’ve seen several, m. encountered one up close (as in a meter face to face) and that was not an easy meeting.

  6. How those layered images work together to create a map of wonderment.
    Neighbor here saw a bobcat right outside the back Exit to the parking lot door, evening time. City life is changing.

  7. Love the top image…the thinness there. I saw a bobcat walk through the field in front of my aunt’s house while I was there. It was followed by a coyote and then by a doe…over the space of an hour. Working in the garden today, mostly overcast and cool enough to get some things done.

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