jude hill spirit cloth


He, Soul-o,  actually enjoys this.

first I ask Do you want to go upside down?

And so do I.

Hard to get a picture though. It is not a still sort of thing.

In order to go forward, I am looking back at what is here, the smaller stuff,  and considering them in a Frame of Mind.

A Deeper Place   and   Vanishing Point

A way to look with some sort of consistency, the frame based on a 3" square.  Some are cropped by the frame, others will grow into to it.   This commonality helps me to anchor them in my mind.  And enhances their differences while giving them sameness.  It is also a way to bring a lot of the chaos here into what I call the Sanity Series.  Maybe, in the end, it is all one thing.

I want to look at them all together like this.

Someone asked ...

How do you frame your work?

Like this.

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  1. He’s so big! As are your perspectives… especially love the piece on the right, the forever-ness of it, and how it reminds me of Moon’s first perspective drawing when he was 4? He said he learned how from “Harold and the Purple Crayon”.

  2. sharon

    just heard another maker speak about returning to earlier work in order to go forward. like yeasted dough or a grafted tree. our cat loves to be cradled with all four paws up in the air, making puddings.

  3. Soul-o’s feet in the air, so funny! I have a bright/dark frame that doesn’t want anything in it. I want to make some pale, calming frames.

    • jude

      yes the lighter frames have a special quality to them. they hold something in a way that seems almost to encourage disappearing. They feel free.

  4. Jen

    Love these mind frames…Ineed to clean out the lean-to and do a little dyeing, those bits of cloth are always my favorites!
    Aren’t cats wonderful Beings? 😻 Such a silly boy!

  5. Nancy D

    And some believe animals don’t have souls…ah, sweet Solo…
    I am in love with the yellow/gold squares…hand dyed?

  6. Pam S.

    Love seeing your pieces in a new light!
    and our cat would probably shred my shirt to pieces if I did that! 😁

    • jude

      It is all about that, how we see.
      I turned him upside down early on, he was so wild but this worked to clam him somehow, funny right?

  7. Susan Hemann

    I love them together. The way you framed them makes them look like they belong together.
    Too funny about your cat. I like silly

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