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Willy (Nilly) waiting.  For his peanuts.  Yesterday I was too late so he ate the bok choy with 2 sunflowers for dessert.

I need to go talk to him.

here he looks small

Soul-o waiting for chip, the chipmunk.  The wood pile was there.  I moved the unused wood, about a cord, to the protected area under the porch.  No tarp needed.  It waits for September.  Birds are nesting in it.


Daffodils waiting. Got cut back to tidy up.  Waiting for them to dry.  I might weave with them. Or not.  Waiting to see how it goes.  So much to do really.  Maybe just compost.

and notes to self, story as way


Cloth Waiting,  this one.  Piece like a River.

A small 9 patch I made during the series Small Cloth.

Using a method  I would like to now call CurveWork.   Because I need to create a unique word for the glossary ( link in sidebar) .   Even the glossary has become a kind of patchwork,  I need to mend it so it  stays useful.

I have put the video here below,  but it is now always available in the glossary, which includes a link to the full lesson from Small Cloth.

Isn't it interesting how it just fit to the current Frame of Mind?    And how much it changed now, at least to me.   How it is grounded somehow by the arrangement of soft color.   And how I can now focus on it's  flow in contrast to the grid.  How it becomes a kind of Sanity.


Me Waiting

I am not sure about YouTube anymore, opening up everything, hosting a channel. I don't like it there.  So anyway, this is still unlisted.  I'll think about it.

Do you subscribe to me there?  Is there a reason for me to have a channel?  I am not monetizing.  I kind of hate the ad thingWho am I is always the question.  I feel as if I am getting closer to my answer.

Maybe in the scheme of things I don't fit anywhere

I am not a puzzle piece then,

I am a puzzle.

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  1. Angela Malone

    Hi Jude, I watch all your videos on YouTube. That was the place that I found you on. I loved your work so much that it inspired me to start sewing and I haven’t stopped since. Thank you 🙂

  2. Corinne

    Willy loves your restaurant. What could be more delightful on a summery day than Bok Choy with sunflowers!

    I like the videos here and the tip given by Amy will be interesting to try.

  3. Hey critters! For your videos…I usually watch ’em here. If I want to see it bigger or watch later or something else…then I click on watch on you tube. This works well for me.
    I don’t subscribe to channels, but it can be helpful if I want to find something, to have ’em all in one place.
    The ads are a pain and I always forget to do Liz’s trick, so I just wait it out or click skip ad. I’m usually thinking other thoughts anyway, so it is a moment’s waiting, a bother, but I just tune out. Generally, mostly, I couldn’t tell you what the ads are for.
    You tube has served me very well, especially recently when I need escape entertainment. I laugh, I learn, I am touched…amazed…inspired. It works at this point in time.
    Plus, you tube is reliable. Things always load quickly and play through. That is of value to me. I am only there and on blogs. I don’t FB or Instagram or twitter or anything else. So my little world, can also be big. 🙂

    • jude

      the reason I chose you tube was it’s reliability, that the videos will stay and it’s free to put them there. So then I think well what if I disappear and my sites disappear and all my stuff just sits there unlisted? But then hey, poof is a big factor in my story.

  4. PatM Tx

    Long time follower, seldom comment tho. I do love your work …and try your methods in my own stitching . I do subscribe to your You Tube channel and love it. Since I have limited space to set up my phone, IPad, or laptop when sewing I have found that I can view You Tube on my television…thanks to my grandsons’ tutoring and it’s great for watching process videos and learning embroidery stitches in huge format is great! Of course I follow you on IG & Facebook and subscribe to the newsletter . Thank you for sharing your work in any format, I know it’s a lot of work keeping them all updated.

    • jude

      Maybe it is just keeping up with all the formats, true, I know each one has it’s audience, and we choose what works best for us, I try to keep reaching.

  5. Carol C.

    Hi Jude,
    Thanks for linking to the curves video. I took your Small Cloth class long ago but went deep into EPP and applique since then. I’d forgotten so much of the Small Cloth videos. I need to go back and view them because this video just sparked many ideas for me!
    I just subscribed to your YouTube channel. I just ignore the ads so I’m good with YouTube.
    Thanks for all you do and share!

    • jude

      yeah, there is a lot that I forget about in these classes. I almost ignore the ads but then there are days that it just gets to me. The atmosphere of social media.

  6. I only use YouTube for individual videos. The world is very noisy these days…and really I like quiet. Thinking this morning how rivers have their own magic…

  7. Aida Sheets

    Just to let you know, I do subscribe to you on YouTube, but I’m okay with whatever format you choose.

    Thanks for all your insights!

  8. Kristin F.

    A puzzle whose pieces always delight and encourage me to explore a bit more. Glad to experience this puzzle most every day

  9. Nancy D

    I like what you have here…seeds of thought…but I find great value in video, too, for it is there that your hands do much of the telling. And I like that. The Artist’s Hands.

  10. sharon

    lotsa “weighting” for me… weighing out which “what if” is whispering the loudest today. found the curvework butterfly piece birthed back in the small cloth days. a bit of time travel perhaps…

  11. Amy

    I’m not YouTube savvy, so I don’t know if this makes sense: I click on your videos here Watch on YouTube, then Save for Later in my own Jude Hill list in my YouTube Library. Then I can make a playlist and watch a lot of you while I stitch, just stopping to click on the Skip Ad between each video. I don’t like the ads but for me it’s smoother than going back into your site and finding the videos when I want to watch them. I generally like to watch multiple videos in one sitting rather than 4 minutes here and there. Maybe there’s an easier way in your site that I’m missing? But however you put them out there, thanks for the videos. I get a lot out of them.

  12. Sarita

    Lovely “Piece like a River”. Yes flow is good.
    Photo stories are wonderful.
    Love how you name the critters in your yard.
    Infrequently view anything on YouTube too many ads prior to videos.

    • jude

      Naming is such a fun thing. How we call things.
      Most folks are on Instagram anyway these days. The new merchant minded. That has become annoying as well. Everything is an advertisement.

  13. Jana

    Yes, a whole puzzle we are … and the pieces change as we go. Not trying to fit, but flow.

    Watching this video gave me a flash of insight about composition that I have NEVER seen before … applicable all over the place. So thank you for that very much. You are a gem.

    Always more to do with house and yard (too much these days). Sigh…

    • Jana…reading your words “Not trying to fit, but flow”…for the first time ever I considered how actually limiting puzzles are, as there is usually only one correct answer.
      Thanks for that. Something to consider.

  14. Vi

    Yes I did subscribe to your channel earlier on…but it’s all here and this is where I come and enjoy. Haven’t gone onto your channel for ages now.
    But it did Make huge difference to me when I did.
    Willy looks like he’s got a lot go say and he’s waiting to do so:)

    • jude

      yeah, it could be useful, but my heart isn’t in it so it will never be what it could be. I just cannot focus on it.
      Willy is a force. He let me touch him yesterday.

  15. kirsten

    willy is delightful and i’m sure annoying to eat stuff. i’ve left our squirrels nuts, apples and pears. we feed an outside cat so sometimes i catch them eating the cat food mainly by stuffing their cheeks with it.

    no subscription to you on YouTube. just click when i see it here. way too much monetizing on the web these days. some days it’s not even fun anymore — the fun seems to have been gone — no more clicking on a link and ending up somewhere delightful.

  16. I’ve never subscribed to a YouTube channel, but I have learned one trick worth doing … add a hyphen to the URL like so: you.t-ube and the ads disappear

    • jude

      Yes, that is a good tip. I think I was originally entertaining trying to make a little $ without asking folks to pay, I do have enough subscribers, but yuck, I just can’t get into it. Nope. I am thinking just here will have to do. I know some folks like it there, I never go there except to upload the videos.

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