jude hill spirit cloth

It’s June

deeper movement


A Deeper Place.

Still settling into it.

Here I played with the Stacked Running Stitch in a new way.

It is harder for me to make videos these days,   but the tension management here is really something I would like to show and talk about one of these days.

I did not stitch round and round here on the spiral. I stitched straight through and across.  And I made a doodle first.  On the cloth. On a whim. Mumbling to myself...you are going to ruin it.

Instead though,  it just got deeper.

It almost looks great just like this.

Those iron water doodles on the blue, I kept looking at them here.  They were deepeners.

puzzled?  infinite solutions

And I cut the spiral center out, and played with it as well as the hole left behind.  I think a lot of times we do not record the in between moments.  Each capable of becoming something.  I try to capture them more and more.  Because ideas are just a matter of noticing really.  Taking time out to consider what might happen.  Think about how many times that can happen in a day and we just brush it off because it seems to clutter our plan.  Image.

Yesterday, deeper, moved through...


So ok, I will continue opening access on You Tube,  maybe organizing, not so much.  Maybe make your own playlists,  I like that idea.

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  1. Caro

    I absolutly LOVE this particular work of your hands.
    The colors, the stitching, the composition, just all of it..
    Thank you for sharing!
    Happy June, June

  2. Dhyana

    Ahh. “”you are going to ruin it”” and not trying something because it might clutter my plan. Those are common thoughts of mine as I’m going along .. Am I in a hurry to finish my plan ? Your experimental spirit is such an inspiration to me. I want to teach myself to play like that. Maybe after I finish the blue quilt ?

  3. sharon

    think it was john lennon who said, “life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” stitching thru ‘n across with the stacked running stitch feels like weaving to me… what if the thread was hand-dyed with ombre’ color? love the recording of in-between moments…

  4. deepeners … yes, that’s the perfect word for it

    and I think of the soft madder-colored cloth that you used years ago, the one that had holes where the black dye had once been … thinking how these iron-water images will someday dis-integrate the cloth, leaving your stitches in their wake … how a whole new way of seeing will open up, a new story to be told

  5. Jen

    This is the place I come for calm….
    There’s not much of that in my life at the moment, so I appreciate this place you have created So Much.

  6. I am touched — deeply — by your words about the “in between moments” — those unnoticed but essential moments that “we just brush off,” seeing them as “clutter to our plan.” Most of my days seem to be woven of such moments. I have to remind myself that it’s not clutter, it’s Life.

  7. Jana Jopson

    Woo-hoo! 😄 Seeing these images made my day. And now I’m off to watercolor class thinking about the in-between moments. Thank you for this … this post of your revelations. Thriving Thursday to you!

  8. Pam S.

    Really like the spiral in your center circle stitching 💙
    I enjoy seeing your YouTube videos too! I think I’ve watched every single one, and have learned so much!
    Thanks for sharing Jude

  9. Rita m.

    Serendipitous playing has a fresh new meaning…..the stitches are grand…
    And it is nice to find you on You Tube. I like that.

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