jude hill spirit cloth

aka a Blue Prayer Rising

you saw this before a few days ago


a slice

I stopped for a moment while framing this one.

seems more of a landscape

To look at it partially framed.  This way, that way.

Reminding myself that even naming is a kind of framing.   And the notes from so long ago, so good to have them.

not a haiku, but could be with a bit of design mending.

an old opinion maybe

This was on the back, obviously I had written some story of the day there,  maybe disregarded it,  but remembering, something about preconception interfering with or influencing new form.

And well this is how days are going here as I let myself be swept up in the Poetry of Process.

I found this one this morning.  Lost somewhere in the pile of Way too Much. Once Named Nine for Flow, framed in another time and place.  Didn't keep my notes on this. But it seems new, so I will begin again.

one thing leaning into another.

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  1. June Etta

    I’ve been buried with other concerns, so it has been a breath of repose to find my way to this page today. So many comments come to mind; too many to name so I will simply say how I appreciate this particular page and comments. Thank you, Jude, and all.

  2. Susan Hemann

    love the pile name Way too Much, hit home- my life lately
    blue seems to be a theme throughout your creative journey
    I like how you are bringing them together, your poem- a story

    • jude

      I think I will make an actual sign that points to it, ha!
      I never really liked blue that much till I met indigo.

      The story of how it goes, it really becomes so much.

  3. sharon

    the joy of re-framing all things. whether seen, heard, smelled, tasted or touched. will practice that today to see where it takes me. how the making of a thing from long ago can be resumed, like a dangling conversation…

    • Jude

      Sometimes I can just continue, sometimes it feels like starting over. Sometimes I ask myself, did u do that? And once I burned one. Just threw it in the fire.

  4. Dhyana

    I love the ‘poetry of process’ .. .. last night I suddenly gathered all my Blue work and put it away for another time; after the move. I am suddenly free, and it will be good to unpack the Blue with fresh eyes later on.

  5. Pam S.

    It must be nice to come across older pieces! 💙
    I’m not used to that … I’m too obsessed with finishing one thing before I start something else. I’m slowly working on changing that! 😏

  6. Lynne Watson

    Sorry to be off subject, as I love your process, thought and actions, but I’d like to know which kind of indigo you use for dyeing…wild blue false indigo or indigofera tinctoria?

  7. Jana

    Feeling like I should speak any words here in a soft voice. Reverence for cloth, thread, stitch, going, framing, rising …

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