jude hill spirit cloth

some simple stitching

Carrying On

this stitching seems to have lightened the load.

the other side

this could be the right side.

I had a lot of ideas here but then I just went ahead with a simple approach. The figure was off center on the muslin base.  I folded both sides to the back and there was just enough to make 2 layers.  And frame the goings on.  I let the basket be the center of holding it together.  This story.

The stitching, quilting really, is simple.  But then not,  because it has been on my mind,  it seems to have a vanishing point.  At the same time there is a vibrating outward.  They are part of the same thing.   I imagine in my head how so many unrelated pieces could be held together in a story moment by doing this.  Walking stitch.   I am letting the rings fade away into white.  I will continue and then that might be enough.  Maybe a bit of work on the vanishing point.

What if I cut a small hole?


So, you know, over time, with a bit more work on the glossary, I could just tell my story, you know, how it is going,  and that might simply expand into teaching on it's own without any formalized attempt to teach on my part.  Those little words underlined in red might just reach out and say hey, there is more to this story if you are interested.  They have begun to help me remember where I have been.


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  1. Rita M

    My thought on this, is that the fierce feline, who suffers no fools, is taking the things that she feels are containing her and giving it a freaking good toss, . The back says she did just that and she is now free to do her thing. Love your thoughts and insights….you are a very “fresh” positive person. Thanks.

  2. Kerri

    Thank you Jude, your stories don’t go unnoticed. Firstly I gaze upon your picture, I enlarge and move around to every corner to just take it in and make up my own story, then I turn to your wisdom and see what your eyes see!

  3. Dhyana

    The depth and skill required for this reminds me of the old master painters. Mysterious and beautiful imaging. Love.

  4. Lynne Watson

    This is off subject, but I am interested in growing my own indigo. I found 2 kinds listed in my garden books, not sure what is available in garden store. Researching.

  5. Jude~ I really think you’ve been doing both of these kinds of teaching all along…the “trying” to teach & the “just being” teaching, both flow from you (in some way or another) in each post.
    As for this piece, I love this appearing and disappearing ripple. It feels like how we make an impact in our worlds, more at some times than others. Also, there is something about this beasts little legs – their shape and position- are just so darn cute (not a word I use often). If it was a child, I would be saying “Look at those lil leggers!”

    • jude

      you are right, I am just tied up in some sort of knot lately, but I’ll calm down, promise…
      those legs, she has a lighter side 😂

  6. Jana

    So much integration in this piece (and all of them) … stitches integrating disparate pieces, thread-binding so to speak. Exquisite. Ditto to all of the comments. Happy day to you.

  7. Gail

    I use the underlined words. And love them. Never know what gem of wisdom I will find. I hope they just remain to be discovered. Thank you

    • jude

      I’m glad! I have so much to add, it will be the way for me to let other places go, to bring it here but not make it seem cluttered.

  8. sharon

    as my eyes move along the surface of this cloth, stopping to rest at different places ‘n simply listen, i’m overwhelmed by the beauty of it. like witnessing the actual birthing of an idea. each time i listen, i hear a different story.

  9. Jen

    I find your work infinitely intriguing and impactful.
    Thank you for sharing this storytelling with cloth to all of us.
    You are an inspiration!!

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