jude hill spirit cloth

A colder May Day

Just looking really...

but then thinking, which is really a part of looking, unless you are brain dead.

many fragments of just going

Marveling at this strange stray self that seems a universal puzzle piece. I like imagining that.

This week was unfocused except for continuing.  The moonflower showed up again and I could and probably will say more about that.  And there was a spinning iron water experiment that seems to invoke a sense of vanishing,  and then some old fragments.   I see a story that will vanish in a moment.  Is a story untold not still a story?   A tree fell in the forest last night,  but I heard it.

Gardening here is such a crap shoot.

chard, carrying on...

I refuse to spray, interfere or worry.  The thing is, they usually make it through.  And I learn. There is  enough wild edible green here actually.  I think about that.

The birds have joined me in mark making.  There some very big birds here.  I wear a hat.

I built a fire this morning,  just to keep the heat from going on.  A small one because I had a small basket of wood scraps from some clean up yesterday. It will warm up this afternoon.


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  1. Bird songs are one of my happiest things…lift my spirits, even when they don’t need lifting. I looked up “phoebes” – what a sweet lil bird! I listen with joy, try to spot them in the big trees across the way or on the parking roof…endless love.
    I love seeing how cloth lives in your home. It never fails to surprise me with the sheer amount of work you do! Stories indeed.

    • jude

      I am often surprised by how many different songs one bird has. These cloths hang around for so long. Makes me feel like I have worked even if I did nothing all day.

      • Yes, same bird. I was researching the other day, trying to identify what we were hearing…listening to each bird’s “call” and “song”. So cool.

    • jude

      yes, I have seen this, I do have some here. Too shiny and bold for me. I actually engineered the thread I use, when I worked in the textile industry. It is very fine combed soft cotton and I love it and have enough to last, for just me, a life time. I do thank you for thinking of me. ❤️

  2. Lynne Watson

    I am visited by two catbirds, along with the sparrows and mockingbirds. I don’t see any house finches, where I used to see several at a time. I read that they have been affected by climate change. I know there are some junkos around, but I don’t see any here. I think they mostly stay over in Wissahickon Woods. Much more tree canopy.
    I like your rhythm of musing. It brings out good thoughts.

    • jude

      There is a changing stream of birds here, I think since this house was empty for so long before we moved here, there was different wildlife when we first came and now the life that is comfortable with us has taken hold. There are two nesting phoebes under the porch eve, and two new little open mouths waiting foe food. They left for a year or two and now they are back.

      • this is just SO beyond great…..oh, eeeeeee
        i typed in that comment above and went off as has become
        habit in last months…to take my Little Sleep, and upon waking
        read your response and……………….
        what’s been happening with me…at least to some good degree…..

        we approach Again a Fire Season. and i understand that
        i NEED to live it differently this time….that’s why, that’s what
        it’s al about
        OH, more EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee
        this is so great. Thank you for this post which seemed to be
        one thing but then is about so much more and was a Key for me

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