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everything can float

Only because I  was spring cleaning, looking for my weaving wools, and found some old floating-moon-block . And there are always a zillion 1"  Puzzle Pieces ( one of my patchwords and the most structured component) .  And I was wishing a soft wish.

it's all a game really...

And then it was raining, and still raining, and will continue to rain so I took the time to stitch this all together.  Now a floating block  that might need a name.  Life's Game?  But maybe just a path to floating itself.  I wish I could just float.  In a field of nothing and still feel safe. And useful.  That was the wish.

this opens up a lot of thoughts

So then, while trying to remove the background... there was the poetry of process... who knows

April, poof,  and  now almost May.  May I finally get to reconsider weaving...

Today, because this little extended nine patch was just floating,  I simply considered this...

just looking.

Have a good weekend.  Funny how, now that I am retired, that really means nothing.  What day is it anyway?  Ha! I AM floating...



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    • jude

      I worked full time from age 19, I bitched a lot, Dad always said work, work is good, work now, play later. But alas my work had to do with weaving so I got to play a lot actually.

  1. Judy

    I like the concept of floating…on the wind maybe, like eagles. Floating in time rather than being retired is lovely too. Such a beautiful piece you’ve made (pieces…so many!)

  2. Judith

    Floating through life…. that’s me.
    I would like to try one of those floatation tanks; weightless, hearing nothing, seeing nothing.

  3. R. Shirley J

    Sometimes the soul needs a place to rest, or float,.. then we can get back to all the wonderful textures, shapes and colors in life.

  4. I’ve discovered that I really like disappearing things from photos, creating the world as I live it.
    I see a lil flag coloring in one of those points 🙂
    Not retired, but kinda floating anyway. I think I’ll try to hold on to that feeling!

  5. sharon

    the overlap or weaving together of the old thoughts with the new seems a sort of mending process. where we discover a “hole”, or create one with a question. framing hand-woven cloth with patchwork… ohhhhhh, YESSS!!!

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