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Quilting Takes Time

This one, the Nest of Days has two integrated sides.

I even just like the thought of that.  That they are very very different but they work together  in their general purpose, to be a blanket.  Each side retains a form of it's own. Each relying on the other (see Back to Back Patchwork) for support, now on many unspoken levels.  When I look through the cloth, I find the secrets of the partnership. And many paths to new Form. integration

I have the white paint. This wall will not be yellow for much longer.

There are many stages of quilting for me. A cloth can hold together all along the way.

There was just a lot of quilting.

a blanket is useful.

Done is not really a thing.  It is an illusion.  I have some help.  Soul-o reminds me,  things have many lives.  Simply time to rest in it maybe. Form is temporary. Things are always changing.

Through... this morning.

A nest is about building a safe place

I officially gifted this to myself today. Gave myself a Nest of Days.

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  1. Vi

    Jude, your thoughts expressed no doubt inspires…but love the way you take such big thoughts and processes and bring them into living form which then shifts form yet again.
    It allows me the room to let some of my own seeing, find pathways and expression on the ground which reflects life as I see it.
    That’s a big one!:):)

  2. The depth and darkness of the first photo has me wanting to curl up and sleep and the last photo, with the light is a beautiful morning wake up call. Love this cloth so much and that you gifted it to yourself 🙂

    • jude

      that woven piece is a very rustic pillow cover I bought in a small rural shop , the first trip to Turkey. I am seeing it with new eyes, maybe weaving past and present.

  3. Bogi

    Absolutely beautiful!
    Your blue’s and full moons are sweets for my soul!
    Is the full moon made out of one piece? The effect you reached with the quilting it makes it look like several small pieces, how wonderful!!!

  4. sharon

    how light becomes woven into the cloth, revealing both sides as one. lovely hearing your voice this morning, jude, as your thoughts become woven into ours…

  5. kirsten

    oh that indigo blue has blown my mind today!! and the light coming through. that’s what I love about old blankets/quilts the empty spots perhaps to fill with thoughts.

  6. deemallon

    Things not ever really being done is one of the most important things I’ve learned from you. It’s a form of permission.

      • Nancy D

        Missed you, Jude. Yes! The Secrets of a (successful) Partnership. A blending together, each with its own-ness, and still One.

    • Brenda

      I feel like I’d like to slide into a life like yours in the next few years Jude – it looks like not perfect but with acceptance at its core. And some grace.

      • Jude

        I am indeed sliding into acceptance, I’m sure it will become a bigger challenge at one point. A lot of what we see of people’s lives is “photoshopped”. Wishful thinking maybe, ha! But really I have enough, what more is there to want?

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