jude hill spirit cloth

space again

It's an old beginning.

I picked it up and it seemed time to look at it again.

Nine appearing or disappearing or in transition

I am indeed feeling a bit spaced out but not confused.

There is a gentle, safe yet open, sense of change here.

I like the simple floating form and how it might speak about shift.

more room

And I gave this one more space to float. Again. Space is a field. I might cut away from behind the framed star.  Make it thinner.  Or maybe not.

It is raining and raining. And raining.  April showers. Tomorrow, and all week actually,  we'll call them May showers. Actually showers doesn't quite describe the amount of water that is falling.  The frogs are very happy.

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    • jude

      Maybe we understand them more over time…thinking about liminal as transitional. As we relax, well maybe edges blur and all space becomes that.

    • Clara

      Gracias Jude .es la palabra más sincera que puedo expresar.
      Leerte y pensar es como un vertiginoso viaje hacia mi interior…y siempre o por ahora me siento bastante desorientada. Seguramente de eso se trata : de dejarse llevar con confianza .
      Un gran abrazo agradecido

  1. Nancy D

    Sometimes I wonder if I can ever make more space in my head for yet more…physics tells me no…but your art tells me otherwise..💚Happy Beltane!

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