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May. it woke me up…

I woke before dawn.  The rain had stopped.  I could hear the river roaring. From acres away.  Yet it sounded like it was going to come right through the window, carry me away.  What am I doing?  Trying to swim upstream. Trying to go back to some other time.  Why not ride the wave?  It will surely take me back home anyway, in time.

So. Before it starts raining again...

you can smell it

Lemon balm is established.

I planted garlic everywhere, even at the forest's edge

Garlic is well on it's way.

these are the wild concord grapes, encouraging them toward the deck rail.  We started new grapes on the far side of the garden fence. Fingers crossed.

Grapes are weaving. (reminder)

salad tonight

bugleweed, literally everywhere

Note to self, only humans bitch about rain.  Patience.

Sanity comes in waves.

hey self...

joodling change

Back to coffee.

I missed the chaos it brings.


Too many thoughts to contain.

Oops, Overflowing.  Gushing is a kind of gift giving.

Perhaps my sanity is  related to flow.

A wave is upon me. I will talk about this page tomorrow.  Probably.


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  1. I don’t think children complain about the rain until they are taught to… Weaving with the waves… thinking of light through water.

  2. Valerie O

    To all of you rain fans, check out the song « Rain » (1966) by John Lennon. A neat song that I recently re-discovered. Genius !

  3. pat cooper

    Whenever I am having a particularly hard time with things (whatever they may be) I ask myself if I am “swimming upstream”? When I give in to the flow – I get where I am supposed to be (which is not always where I thought I wanted to be).

  4. We’re at the mercy sometimes of what we’re subconsciously led to do. Maybe we’re not sure yet where the river will take us, but the journey is worth the anticipation of it. We’re all still growing, right?

    I miss the Hudson Valley, it’s a very special place to me, especially this time of year and in fall.

    • jude

      Is it induced, this wanting always to hold on? Gets worse in old age. I feel as if we are more than ever in need of change… to remain relevant.
      It is very beautiful, the Hudson and it’s Valley.

  5. Rene Walkin

    I am reminded of a comment I read recently by a terminal cancer patient in hospice care who said “I would give anything to feel the rain on my face one last time.”
    Kind of puts stuff into perspective doesn’t it?

  6. Pam S.

    After the thunderstorms here the next day followed with gusty winds too!
    I need a little sun to gain some focus 🌞
    Enjoy seeing your garden grow 🌱🌱🌱

  7. JayJay

    Happy May Day! I just left a cone of flowers on the neighbor’s kids porch.
    Your garden inspires me as do your floating sketches.
    And the sunshine this morning energizes me.

  8. Susan Hemann

    oh, I forgot- honestly who doesn’t love the rain?!! I hear people say it’s awful outside because it’s raining!! And the search continues….. (for intelligent life)

  9. Susan Hemann

    First, your garden!!! Lovely and lush how exciting
    your “floating” sketches are fascinating, what will they become?
    are those bluebells in your garden? I remember being in Texas, in the Spring, everywhere you look a sea of blue

  10. Jana Jopson

    Weaving a river made me think of the Bosporus River wherein the upper layer flows one direction and the bottom layer flows another. Of course any fish have learned to “flow” with this peculiarity.😉 Merry May!

    • jude

      The Hudson here, flows in two directions, which actually means it is not a river but a tidal estuary. I learned that recently. So much to learn.
      The man here, from Turkey, spent most of his college years living on the Bosporus. I love this flow story.

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