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Nest of Days

I could go back, but just to say, a long time in process.

I decided to add a bindingSuddenly, like in the middle of the night. Woke up, I needed the edge. Containment.

still have to tidy up the corners...



Binding doesn't really mean I am finished.

It is often a way to help me give context.  To create a timeframe.  A new way to look.

A kind of holding is what it is.   I used the  Hug. ( the video should pop up if you hover over the word Hug)   Here, a  two inch strip, folded in half, hugging the edge.  This gives me a one inch ish border.  I stitched a quilted line about 1/2 in. And then decided to turn the edge under instead of leaving it ragged.

The thing was,  it became too much like the box I often put myself in so I decided somewhere along the way to insert  some escape points.  A little something liquid, to break the barrier.  Just in case.   To Feel Free.

still intend to paint these yellow walls.

that woven eye...

I'll hang it outside as soon as it stops raining.   We can look again.  It will be 77 degrees today. 77!

There will be more quilting, and I can always add to it.  But I have decided it will not be bigger,  maybe only deeper.   If I ever write a book, maybe  it should be

How to Never Be Done

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  1. Brinda

    Such a rich conversation which gives me a lot of food for thought, on bindings, beliefs, hugs, containers, going deeper rather than bigger, unfinished is fine (and then), escape points, done. ❤️❤️❤️🪺 happy spring y’all!

  2. 48 & raining here. I’ve always liked your “hug” idea, a wrapping around the two sides with cloth arms. Once started writing a book of beginnings… a list of opening lines.

  3. It is supposed to warm up here too.
    Sometimes things are only “done” when I give them away…but, then I remember many a ‘story starter’ cloth I’ve given away, inviting the recipient to add to it in their own way…but then did they?
    Now I’m thinking why do we get stuck on completion? Like there is a prize for finishing, when even a life is not ‘completed’…it ends when the person passes on.
    Okay, so you said ‘deeper’ haha 🤣

  4. bindings. i don’t have any bindings on Any thing…incl my mind….
    and what might it feel like?, to give my mind a binding…even
    for a day? a plan. the binding would be
    follow through
    Emrie’s favorite phrase now….”in real life” … a binding of follow through

    thanks for some context

    • jude

      I don’t like the word, but it is familiar in quilting.
      It could probably be like a kind of protection in that case, that which keeps something from unravelling, disappearing, “intact” perhaps.
      But , now that you mention it, our minds are bindings in a way, holding a thought for a moment. until poof, gone again.
      But what about beliefs?, they bind…

  5. Velma Bolyard

    do things we make finish, finish themselves, or something else? the more complex and layered i make things, the more they can be done, redone or undone.

  6. Nancy D

    Your cloth …it all looks so rich and soft. Escape points are good…just in case..and it allows for fresh air! Is it your birthday, Jude? I guess every day is a new day!

  7. Wow, 77! That’s going to confuse all the plants….

    Just finished the third panel for my insomnia blanket this morning and started connecting the panels…will be putting an edge on next. And then…? 🙂

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