jude hill spirit cloth

Moth and Moon and Mood April


On the window last night.


seems as old as the moon

Indigo over some old beloved cloth that still hangs on.

yes, it says from a Turkish tea glass.

I tested. The indigo seeds are viable.

blurry photo, they were so far away

There were many.  Still eating bark, sensing green.

...and all of this just makes me want to weave.

(Follow up appt for the Man's eyes today... Shop update delayed until tomorrow)

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  1. Corinne

    The marvelous perseverance of seeds.

    This moth inspires me to make a moth out of my antique lace scraps.

    Good luck to the Man today and to you too!

  2. Sharan

    That piece of cloth is just exquisite … the textures of moon ( that have captivated and intrigued me since I was a child and evermore) revealed in cloth … aaahhh

  3. Hope all goes well… The colors in this post are soothing. 🙂 Looking at the branches on the birch limbs I cut down yesterday and thinking they could be used for weaving…

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