jude hill spirit cloth

just because

it looked alive

the base, is dyed by deb lacativa, of course, she is on my resource page.

I think it might be important, for me, to let the lighter side be part of going, even when my quest seems more serious. It's a tool.

So I will let this one form.  A stray weaving self on a journey of changing form.

Some things are inevitable...

that includes my lighter side...

of course, based on what came to mind,  I will have to cut or perhaps unweave because I don't want to waste any magic thread.

The 1" puzzle pieces, well those I always have on hand.  I talked about preparing them here:

Puzzle pieces, well part of the patchwords I use.

And weaving puzzle pieces , well I did talk about that here:

a few notes from considering weave

This talking, not so much on the lighter side. And it is time to continue.



It's a really nice day again, so I just did a little doodling.  Sometimes that is enough to give something a life while you are wandering, gathering thoughts and perhaps sticks to light an evening fire because it will be needed later.  light

There are so many ways to build a fire.

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  1. sharon

    thinking about how many unique 1″ or 2″ square weavings could be woven on the same warped loom. perhaps 1 a day. then on a particularly fine morning, cut apart, fringes intact. followed by the joy of dip dyeing the fringes in a rainbow of colors. then appliqued as patches, or hung from a branch as a mobile in a garden… ooooooooH!

  2. Jacqui

    “There are so many ways to build a fire” Wow, these words struck me, thinking about their wider context, to burn, renewal, cleanse, new beginnings, germination etc can all start with a fire. How words can be fire too. Always so appreciative of you and how you view the world Jude, Thank You.

  3. Marilee

    I thought probably that was one of Deb’s pieces. The randomness of her dyed fabrics is so distinctive, which probably means it isn’t random at all. One thing is for sure, nothing goes to waste when she is dying threads. And I love your smiling cat and the moon.

  4. Jana Jopson

    Framing a square of cloth as it’s becoming a patch. Framing a situation by where we position our perception. Appreciate so much the interweaving of thoughts and making. Gosh. So rich.

    • jude

      I saw it like a bubble…like it might lift off so yes in a way…
      there is no real planned agenda in play yet it has tremendous usefulness.
      it builds knowledge

  5. Jen

    Space is important, big or small, in everything.
    Love the idea of weave integrated in the ninepatch, so much food for thought, lately, Jude.
    Thank you! 💕

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