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Time is so short

An old photo. From way back when we were living mostly in one room, sleeping on the floor next to the fire, to save money on fuel.  Just to see if we could.

Soul-o recently rescued.

baby soul-0

Still have the cat, the quilt is still not finished (I have yet to put its story here). And we have been here in this new place, well, finishing up our 4th winter here. And even more amazing, some of you have been with me long enough to remember.

storm leftovers

And this is what's left of the recent snow.

time warp

1970s?  There really needs to be some weaving here this year.  While I still can. Don't you love how the fringe worked out here?  And I actually  see a lot of  "patchwork" here, in perspective.

I'm going to change things around here so the blog is on the home page.   Make it seem more like Home if I can.  The site might be down for a few days when I get around to it.

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  1. Long enough to remember… My stars! I found you and joined your journeys through stitch and self discovery in 2010! 13 years now! My! Ha! You’ve been a part of my life for so long now that I can hardly remember you not being there. What a wonderful predicament! 🥰

  2. Gillian Norris

    I remember the new Soul-o. I’ve been here that long too but rarely comment, just enjoy sharing some of your life and creativity. I love seeing the snow as I live in Geelong, in southern Australia and we don’t have any here.

  3. wow! love the weaving. i was also weaving in the 70’s in HS. We had a great fiber room with all kinds of floor looms. my rescued loom here still sits and i MUST get it going this year!
    and yes, i do remember…WAS too! snow melts quickly!

  4. Tammy

    What a sweet photo of baby Soul-o. I have followed and enjoyed your blog since it was featured in “Artful Blogging” publication so many years ago. Which means I also remember your sweet kitty W.A.S.! Thank you for continuing to share your work and your talent – it is so enriching to me just to look at the photos!! Thank you, thank you.

  5. Darlene Derksen

    I remember Soul-o, when he was so timid and avoided being seen.
    How wonderful it is to have been with you all these years Jude. Before instagram and the crazy use of FB, you were there teaching and inspiring. You are still my most valued teacher, in so many ways.

  6. kirsten

    the 70’s were great weaving years!! happy to see weaving getting attention from younger weavers but a little disappointed that much of it looks the same.
    even without you listing the date i knew when that piece was created. the 70’s had great yarns from greece that i still have some unused. i remember even ordering yarn from iceland (lopi) by finding an address somewhere.

  7. Susana

    I think a lot about the conundrum of time. We can go forward but not back? But we can go back in our minds. If I started a piece 6 months ago but yet still here now and ongoing? So the past is present. And the future? It’s all a wonderful mystery. Love to Soul- O. One lucky kitty.

  8. kathyd

    I was thinking ” it’s been 4 years ?”
    and then I remembered , we moved into our house
    about the same time . 4 years for us and I’m still not
    unpacked ! LOL

  9. The quilt from 2004, eh? I was just telling someone, not ten minutes ago, that I’ve worked with babies since 2004! That’s a lot of years…a lot of babies. Those 2004 littles are now in college! Talk about time warp!
    I remember. I was here for so much of this, maybe 2010 on…
    I remember when little Soul-o came and took so long to feel safe. 🙂 Sweet baby.
    Love this weaving sampler. You’ve been saying you want/need to weave…do it! haha Mostly, ’cause I want to see what will come from your hands next!

  10. Allie

    Yes! I remember before you were here. Is it really that long ago? How time flies – don’t they say it’s always later than you think?!
    Well a big hug from me and much gratitude – you have been a constant, calming and faithful companion all these years. Thank you

  11. Teresa Stetler-Clear

    Grateful to say I’ve been following you since before then. Your work and posts are meditation for me. ❤️

  12. Good morning. 🙂 I lose track of time so much…has it been then long? And, there is a chance of snow in the forecast for the end of the week! It’s a cold spring.

  13. Nancy D

    Wow, Jude, I love your woven piece! May I ask what kind of loom you used? I’d like to try my hand at a few small pieces.

    • jude

      This one, about 18″ square-ish…
      Was woven on a string warp that was wrapped around wood painting frame. I cut the painting off because I was sick of it. used it in some collages I think. Handspun wool that I actually spun myself on a spinning wheel, but I don’t do much of that any more. If I spin I use a drop spindle. And I usually work much smaller. But hey, I feel the urge. Time is so so short. One carpet, I want to make a carpet.

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