jude hill spirit cloth

Morning has broken…

I didn't sleep.

But it is such a beautiful day, I'll just float through it.

march sunshine

I have a thing for red knobs,  I painted all of them red when I moved in. Replaced these, this piece of furniture left by the previous owner.  The angle of the sun has changed.  Both sun and moon shine on my face through this window. That's a bit of Richard Carbin's work on the wall. he is on the resource page (sidebar).

Magic Feathers.
3 is a nice number


Just a few. It's been a while.  The link to the Magic Feather Project is in the sidebar if you are not familiar.  Probably most of you are.  There is a little set of lessons, Whispering Feathers, listed in the Free and Open content section here as well.

above us magic feathers

I am easing into weaving again.

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  1. Deb VZ

    Magic feathers indeed! I’m working on a little piece inspired by my weekly walks on a local estate turned bird sanctuary and wanted to include some stitched feathers. I opened your blog and poof! There are the very thing I needed to see for some direction. You are magic itself, Jude!

  2. Michael

    So much here. The red nobs…wonderful. Not fighting the lack of sleep… a lesson I learned late in life…floating through the day indeed… less stress when I just let that river take me. And the feathers…. Somewhere I heard that if you find a feather it’s a sign that your current thought patterns are on the right track.., your feathers inspire me to get that idea into some cloth. Your work always inspires me. Thank you.

  3. Vi

    Magic feathers…i first chanced on your early You tube clips..and those magic feathers, is what did it for me!
    And seeing them today..how very feather like they really are! Incredible.

  4. sharon

    barely-there whispers of indigo. soft frays of weaving. magical feathers. definitely a float-away kinda day… woke up late, feeling as tho the day got a head start on me. this peaceful post is a welcome reset…

  5. Beth from Still Life Pond

    Three very old friends here: magic feathers, thread beads and cloth weaving. I first found my way to you following a magic feather.

  6. Lots of moody gray clouds this morning and it’s been raining. Noisy robin out there somewhere. Thinking I should add some feathers to one of my blocks.

  7. Nancy D

    Last night’s change just before the Vernal Equinox disrupted my sleep…all night long I was speaking to those not present! I think we women are more attuned to Nature’s rhythms. Love the red knobs. They have something to say!

    • jude

      yes, a night of gentle turmoil I might call it. I felt shift, didn’t fight it. Sure am tired today.
      We did the red knob thing back there. left a lot of that furniture to the young buyers. 4th winter and still so many dreamed changes have not happened here. But the knobs, they happened fast.

  8. Bogi

    All your post are soo magical just like your works! It must be magical to be in the same room with you and stitch together! The amount of calm and wisdom that comes through your posts is so comforting. I just discovered your Magic feather project recently and I totally fell in love! What a masterpiece! The love and energy that went into that cloth it is so healing just by looking at the image. Thank you for all the knowledge and wisdom you share so abundantly! ❤️🙏🏻

  9. Jana

    The sight of the weaving at the bottom of this piece makes me think of the hand-crocheted rugs — no hook, just using your hands, knotting on the next strip, around and around. Simple. I think that’s the connection.

    Your photographs both wake me up and ease me into the day. Have a good one, floating through…

  10. I’m with you on the lack of sleep. Tony was up and excited about everything all night and now I’m up alone with coffee and stitching.

    Weaving is a rhythm all its own. Almost like needle in, needle out. They’re so much alike, too, I guess. Two different songs.

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