jude hill spirit cloth

Just breathing

It cannot last long , this tiny spring.

After all it IS still February.

February is a season in itself.  A season of seasons.  I enjoy the swing.

soul-o watching for deer

down by the mighty Hudson

so happy to have tiny scraps


I stitched another little cabin

just so I could talk about a few more things.

But no talking today,

just walking

before the rain comes.



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  1. Indigenous people here in the South East corner of Australia have a season that translates to “Sprinter”, that ‘tween time that might go forward to Spring, but most times snaps back to Winter for a wee while yet.

  2. Glennis

    it was in the 30’s here last night! at the beach . in southern california.
    but sunny and in the 50’s now. weeding weather. love your glimpse of the Hudson!

    • jude

      63 today! What a great break. It’s been great to be near the water these last few days. Renewed. Ready for the rest of winter’s crazy seesaw…

  3. Nancy

    Ahhh…Soul-O. Love the little log cabin – the variety of the scraps…and the way the Hudson just fans out – opening, an opening.

  4. Vi

    February here ,is my favourite time. I know a blazing summer will find us very soon…but this…vibrant colours and parrots and little oriental white eyes everywhere you look. Yes…a tiny , delightful season..

  5. Velma Bolyard

    green spears are poking up here, too. i’m fearful they’ll freeze, but the land knows more than me. so i’ll rest in that.

  6. Nancy D

    Oh, Jude. I love that you are in the moment (s) with February’s fickle ways. Nothing like a walk in Nature this time of year…gotta keep your senses aware at the seemingly silent awakening that is happening below the surface of earthy things!

  7. even just seeing water in a picture makes me happy … looks like you had a gentle walk …

    cabins are much on my mind so I’ll look forward to hearing what you’re thinking about them

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