jude hill spirit cloth

floating ideas…

the pink moon dot seems to have the blush of life.

Mini Cabin #2, again a Moon Cabin.

Still loose. Yet framing, holding center.

When you do things over and over again without just trying to repeat things change on their own. Like how you do it, But then even what it means to do it.

Like how silly, lighthearted, it once seemed.  But then not really.

Sometimes you see beyond what others see. Sometimes you say, sometimes you don't.

Sometimes no one understands. But a thing can be more than one thing at a time.

Just going.  I am happy to say I am settled into a video format that works for me. I moved stuff around, did a bit more research on my camera functions and I think it will be good.  This is important because I really want to show how it really goes.  Everything is easier when you know how.  Need to change the lighting though...shadows are a bit heavy.

I have referenced the Glue Stitching here.  A basic at the core of my clothworking style.

painterly and less defined, a bit liquid, perhaps melting away, becoming a memory



I imagine a little more cabin storming might happen soon.

There are a lot of things that might need framing. Holding. Carrying.

a walking dream?  An undoing?   Letting go?  Carrying change.

In the process of switching back to Free and Open, I have a bit of work to do, correcting tags and categories, so I can put the list of tags and categories in the sidebar.  Using the search bar might be the best way to find stuff for the moment. Also, search might return password protected pages, I have some work to do there as well. Just ignore the chaos for a while. 

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  1. Ingrid Johnson

    I love this, I’ve been agonizing over my boxes of little pieces of fabric.
    You are an inspiration and I continue to admire and love your work, all its shapes and colours are soulful. Thank you.

  2. sharon

    seeing the great value in doing something over ‘n over. witnessing the transformation of it. and its meaning. the path it forms going forward. dot to dot. just realized your cabins are 9-patches. ha!

  3. New eyes here today. Funny how I did not even recall the moon cabin of 5 years ago. What was I doing then, I wonder?
    So good to see a new video and I’m curious what was added, stitch-wise, to the floating items?

  4. Jen

    I love to watch your hands while you work and explain your thoughts, so expressive!
    I’ve never done a cabin block patchwork…I guess it’s time! 🤩

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