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Talking about story


So Story.  A story illustrates going. Even though there is no there there. story is


listening to everything

I put a white dot in the red center (heart) of the cabin. And then... light

a path forming.

I like this last photo.  Like a path from one thing to another.  With this small story cloth, I begin again.   Just goingBeing amazed at how things form.  There is so much more to say about this one.  Tomorrow then.

PS:  In this year of 2023, I began a series called Talking Pages in the Forever Zone.  In my head, now, the Blog has become that.  I have opened up access to the few private Talking Pages that were posted.  I will not continue there, I will continue here. I am almost 72, and I'm feeling good!


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  1. Today I am 75! and you gave me your gift talk. Not sure if I’ve understood each word but your soft voice and slow speech help me to sense the talks
    So grateful for your gift 🙂 Enjoy your day !

  2. I’m not sure if it’s just me or because of your opening up, but I feel more continuity today. No half on this page and half on the sun-click page.
    I also love hearing your voice. It’s a challenge for me to listen because you’ll say something and my mind takes off on that and I miss what you said after. I need to rewind. But that’s a good thing! It means I’m engaged. So don’t stop talking. (I probably should keep a notebook as I listen.)
    I’ll definitely be relistening to your explanation of story.

  3. Susan Crowley

    I’m always looking for depth and meaning in everyday life. I always find it here, on your pages and in your work. That’s why I keep coming back. It’s very satisfying to my soul. Please never stop. ❤️

  4. sharon

    the joy of playing. telling stories. make believe. letting one thing become another. children do it so effortlessly. your words ‘n cloth stories bring it all back. i’ll think of these things as i dye ‘n weave today…

  5. Joan Coats

    I was very intrigued with your discussion of “eyes”. Your paper and cloth pieces come to life for me when you add a face and the eyes speak to me. I thank you … you teach me “feelings”.

  6. Sarita

    The eyes looking inward & outward. I see & am seen through the ethereal vis a vis Nature. The power of connectivity.
    Seeing w/the heart. 💖
    Thanks for the food for thought today!

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