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a cabin creates safety

This is an old  joodle.  On half an envelope.  You know, scrap paper everywhere.   No need to buy paper, ever.

There are loose thoughts floating around.

This became a listening self.  Without a lot of saying.  Because that is where I am at.  Listening to you, Listening to me.  Listening to... what speaks.

magic ears for listening

A little Skitch Skatch story. I have opened  the private page connected to Skitch Skatch in the glossary.  Over time passwords will go away.  Let's breath.

There is a video here, below,  I had posted it to Instagram.  I wonder if you can view it here. Especially if you have no Instagram account.

Just wondering.  Sometimes I post there when it is more convenient, like when I am somewhere else.

That might be more often.


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I have posted a little (big really)  news on the Home page today.

loose is really helping me right now.

In the next  few days, this site might be down again, for a bit of fixin'.  Design Mending, you know... with the goal of Feeling Free-er. You gotta keep on it, things are always changing.


  1. carroleb

    Your voice sounds more relaxed in this place.
    I hear what you say about the difference between here and there.
    Video is fine from Insta to here.
    Glad you are in process and peace with it all.

  2. Jacqueline Palmer

    Hello Jude, it is great to hear you sound relaxed and free.
    Always a pleasure to explore everything you give to us time, energy, hope
    confidence and free-dom to create.

    • Vi

      Thank you for your news and your generosity. Yes, it’s wonderful…to feel free-er to be..and thanks again.
      No Instagram but was glad to be able to hear the video.
      Love your skitch skatch cat..so alive and looks like it’s going to walk off the piece of cloth onwards to some wind blown travels.
      Your glossary Jude..continues to delight. Little stories , each one. I learn so much and i smile a lot too when I read them.

  3. June-Etta Chenard

    Thank you, Jude, thank you for all the sharing: your art, your thoughtful words, your teachings, your generosity, yourself. 💕

  4. Jana

    Love that moving magic. Anticipating where it might pop up on any given day. Like embedded in what’s here. Love it so much. Thanks, Jude.

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