jude hill spirit cloth

Just go

Forward. Just go forward.

It's a circle anyway.


I cannot believe that this eye showed up as one of those crazy surprises, when you take a photo into the light. Usually there is an orb or something. Something is in the air.  I ran outside, Soul-O close behind.

it's here

Moss woke up.  I imagined singing. That is my neighbor's rooftop over the hill. She is not a people person she says.  I have seen here twice since I moved here.  You would never know she was there. But she is.

A Deeper Place, the core of sanity

I have begun to return to what I call A Deeper Place.    Today I am just looking,  like yesterday, sort of of suspended between yesterday and tomorrow.  I think I need another newsletter. The last one is already out of date.  Ch-Changes!

A road trip is in order first...


We did a lot of looking up before breakfast.

Have a good weekend.


  1. sharon

    great joy in those words, “a road trip is in order first…” witnessing changes in the little one each time you see him. and he sees you…

  2. a Visitation
    and i think of the thought i love of Elizabeth Gilbert
    paraphrased… the Universe is trying to communicate with us and
    uses what best we will recognize
    for you, eyes

  3. Judith

    Looks like Soul-O is studying a bird. I love the elusiveness of moss; now you see it, now you don’t then suddenly there it is again I took a picture of a moss covered trail last week but the picture just doesn’t show the beautiful green and the soft texture.
    Have a happy trip.

  4. Juliann

    Moss is earth’s fur. I always love when the greens show up in February. The lichen is that beautiful blue green, the moss the early “spring green”, and the moss on trees is a deeper green. Love it all. Feels like Hope to me.

  5. Elizabeth

    I love your post and pictures! Just beautiful!
    My kids have teased me about how much I love wreaths. I’ve decided after seeing your sewn piece that maybe it’s not the wreaths I’m fascinated with but concentric circles that bring me joy. Love this piece.

  6. Beth from Still Life Pond

    Beautiful post. Such beautiful light and a reminder to see. I listened to the OnBeing podcast about awe. This embodies awe.

  7. Helen Lee

    That blue centre circle looks like the sky when it’s THAT kind of blue, and it makes me feel everything.
    I love neighbours like yours.
    Soul-O’s expression is like mine when we walked in the Wildlife park today…the fabulous wonder of it all never ends.
    You are the Eye Goddess 👁🙆‍♀️
    Safe and happy road trip.

  8. Jen

    Oh, the Season of Ch-ch-changes! The season of newness! ( Am assuming roadtrio means grandbaby time, yay!) Your pics here are lovely…I feel like Soul-O! Full of Wonder & looking up!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    We are off to get vintage brick WooHoo!
    ( Looking at your Deep Blue 🔵, I feel the needle calling….)
    Happy Travels!

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