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clearing space

the texture of going

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My sense of spring has taken hold.   It's a need for change.  Yesterday I cleaned the living room studio.

Yesterday, I received over 100 emails in response to the Forever Zone Newsletter.  I will read them today.  After I read them, I will decide what to do tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I did work a little bit on paper before sunrise.  And there they are again, new eyes, even on this cloudy day.

They look good on this drawing,  I haven't thought a lot, just a little,  about looking through paper.  How could that play out?

A kind thank you for those of you have reached out, over the last few days, inquiring about the Man's family in Turkey.  Most of the family is in Ankara or Istanbul.  There are some distant relatives near the quake area.  We think they are ok.  But overall, of course it is not ok. How awful.



  1. Marilee

    Glad The Man’s family is OK. Those poor people, already so many of them are refugees from the follies of men, and now Nature.
    That’s a lovely spot at the window, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t get much done with that view in front of me.

  2. Love the little eye floating in the “texture of going.” Thinking….go with curiosity, keep your eyes open. Also thinking about how some toddlers love to cover their faces with something and then walk. 🙂

      • jamie sabe

        I used to love walking through the house looking in a hand held mirror, stepping over the ceiling lights, figuring where I was upside down. Talk about a change in perspective for a 5 year old. Thank you for the update on the man’s family. I am so sorry for all who were affected by this – we are all one big family.

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