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continuing from Yesterday

Yesterday, Liz, she mentioned Design Mending.

I responded and then suddenly listened to myself, saying it has all become that.  And yes, I truly feel that.  Which goes back to my feelings about thingness and form.  It is all moving. I source my energy from that.

...after some stitching. The dots/circles look a bit like bubbles.  I did not intend whales.  Just life flow.  But now they are there.

...after some folding just to remove the house from view. Maybe to remove the sense of ownership.

less human

I do this a lot.  Temporary design mending. Sometime I act.  Sometimes remember.

Photos are so handy. How again, new eyes formed.


Inspired by Deb.... and mending with my own thoughts at the moment.  How one thing touches another. How we might depend on that.  How we might need everybody to learn.


  1. I like it with the house, but I don’t dislike it with the house removed. One of the things I like is the full circles. Then I noticed that by removing the house, that circle became another eye with two eyes in it. Very interesting.

    I thought about the house symbolizing ownership. What came to mind was to stitch a tree growing through the house, as one might through an abandoned house. And if the red needs toning down, give the tree lots of leaves. But that’s me.

  2. there seems to be an amazing synergy … a give and take throughout the blogs that is so very wonder-full … always we are learning and making and mending … together

    • jude

      there are, sadly, tho, less and less bloggers. Instagram has replaced that for many but it is not the same. There is less newness, in depth, on the web, so much has changed. I understand why I guess. Still very interesting to be a dinosaur. 😎

  3. I love watching your process of trial and choice. The disappearance of the red middle triangle and the blue subsidiary triangles subdues the spiky quality of the original. Where to now?

  4. moki

    Love all this chatter
    Like mending and stitching over ownership
    And whales ancient ancestors with deep eyes
    Acoustic voices
    Stitching in sync through us

  5. Debra A Price Agrums Sposa

    I, like you Jude, love Liz’s comments on my blog. She has an innate sense of design and her words and thoughts ring so very true.

  6. Marilee

    I still see all three as a sort of rising, an elevating movement. I didn’t see the red peak as a house, more of a rocket ship ready to launch but now I see the wash of red as a sunset on water, and the rings are all reflections, wheels within wheels. Maybe too literal an interpretation

  7. Corinne

    Like the clouds against a blue, blue sky, everything, every view and image is moving, changing, transmuting. Very exciting! ❤️

  8. Amy

    I don’t know that I even saw it as a house, or thought ownership, but I also like it better without that red triangle. Although I’m sure if you left it in there you’d find a way to magically blend it in.

    • jude

      exactly, it’s all ok, it depends on what you are thinking. We don’t always notice what makes us see a certain way. It is often habit. or outside influence. seeing is freeing in its most useful form.

  9. Dee

    Vision is a kind of ownership too. But I like it much better without that popping red house at middle. As the colors blend more and the edges grow softer, the design grows stronger. A little counterintuitive, that.

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