jude hill spirit cloth

it was there

This one.  Because it was in the pile of I Don't Know.  Created while I was considering Home.  A lot.

Pinned to the wall for so long,  I got tired of looking.  Waiting for direction.

Safe is a building process.

First.  Everything Is Connected.

Then.  Holding on to Nothing.

Finally, calling it New Eyes.

Yesterday I stitched all those little stitches on either side that frame the intersection circles.  I didn't sleep so I spent some time last night considering continuing the border stitching in a less contrasting color.

This morning I look and see that this one is so much about Connecting the Dots.

Connecting the Dots then.

It is very thin.  But holding.


  1. Your composition is so rich. Many circles building ever upward, punctuated with powerful triangles: the red equilateral “roof” in the center, the “whales” and the ethnic print, supported by the faint triangles formed by the circle over the blue scrap and the fainter corners of the tan scrap below it. The eyes, too, combine circles and pointed shapes like triangles. I am anxious to see where this goes.

    • Vi

      Connecting all the dots, each one independant and yet interdependent in some wonderful, quiet, imperceptible way….
      Quite happy to stand on their own and also together.
      ..just incredibly beautiful.

  2. Bogi

    Oh how lovely! Composition, color the feelings that come up when I look at this wonderful art piece it is all just soo soothing❤️ Thank you for sharing!!!!

  3. Marilee

    For me, it has something to do with ascension. Especially when my eyes travel down to the whales that are trying to tell us something. Are we paying attention? I try not to do too much interpreting of your work because there are always so many possibilities, but this one just landed on me with a thud.

  4. Hilde

    a lot going on in this frame. to me the house looks more like an arrow, or a rocket,the kind that holds fireworks. the eyes could be fire-y… i can see why this one stayed in the i -don’t -know pile ( or the what-if pile…isn’t that more or less the same? )

  5. Beth from Still Life Pond

    The circles feel like a protective force field now. So interesting to see how this changed and how different it would have been in white thread.

    • jude

      it is also interesting that it is a very deep indigo thread but it seems black on the light colored cloth. I love the magic of dark and light. How it can change things.

  6. Jen

    Everything around/surround is “blurry” ( the outside stitching, the focus ( circles/eyes) are clear, I love the ghosty moon/sun circle in the sky and the continuation of line/curve , very faint but still going….it is how I feel today, the culmination of my 60th year.
    6 decades!
    And your celebration coming soon!
    HURRAY we are still on the planet!

    Connecting the dots….🤩🥳

  7. Nancy D

    It’s so beautiful in its clarity…like looking into a crystal ball three times, each gazing a little clearer. The dot stitching is so textured, bringing all into better focus. That’s how I see it.

  8. Looking before reading, I thought about how I really liked the circles and how they all connected and then read… “connecting the dots.” I like thinking about that this morning, relationships.

  9. Deb W

    Okay, you’re making me think. Connecting the dots…eyes at the intersections…seeing the connctions. It’s all connected if we can only see!

        • jude

          yes, I often use a glass bowl, so I can see through to what is underneath, it is easy to frame things. I often trace around it using dots, so the line disappears more easily when I stitch. Unless, of course, I want the line I draw to be more important.

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