jude hill spirit cloth

softening of the stone…

come sit here it says

Funny how the mind can do that.  Soften the stone.

A "living" room

Encourage us to act.



    Je suis votre blog depuis la campagne française….très inspirant,même pour une artiste sculpteure! je travaille la pâte à papier en modelage de personnages mais depuis un an j’ai ressorti mes tissus anciens et fils …merveilleux monde qui invite la poésie au bout de l’aiguille…

    Bonne continuation
    Malou ANCELIN

  2. Deb Q

    I am always so inspired (“Doing” stance) by your pieces. But at the same time I am just plain loving them (“Being ” stance). Thank you for both.

  3. sharon

    how cloth softens outdoors. quietly absorbing the energy of wind, rain ‘n sun. reminding us that home extends beyond doors ‘n windows. love the weaverliness of the pillow…

  4. Victoria

    Rocks are truly wonderful things, big ones especially. I’d be landscaping around it with maybe an oriental poppy coming up behind it on the right hand side. Probably not practical with all your deer so close at hand.

  5. Caro

    By the time i read your post, think about it, process it and feel ready to reply there are at least two new ones. Makes my reply feel ancient😂. I am too slow!!
    So, here to February, your birthmonth. Happy birthday Jude!
    Thank you for all you do, are and share. Especially liked the beginning of the month post. With all the photos and recordings.
    And i would like to sit with that pillow on that stone!
    Hope so much that all family is ok and safe after earthquake.
    Love and peace

  6. Lynn Watson

    What a wonderful view you have from your house, Jude – so many trees and huge rocks of different shapes and colours. And now they’ve provided you a couch! as well as places to drape your quilts. Couldn’t be better, especially for a photographer like you. Fantastic outlook.

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