jude hill spirit cloth

Day 2 Dot 2

fog is magicMorning Fog...

Last night, looking at yesterday's dot, talking to myself...  

dot # 2 has a kind of magic

link to private pagesI have so many questions.

I feel a bit outside of myself.

Not sure what I mean by that.



nice here, but still loose.

This morning wondering if this Bird Robe will become a dot diary for 2023.  I really do have enough blankets. Many unfinished.  Maybe dots will be a way to finish a lot of things.  Even though a dot has  always been a way to begin.


  1. sharon

    talking to myself out loud lately. more “real” than an internal dialogue, perhaps a recognition of being outside of self. wondering if that changes the course of thought. ha!

    • jude

      yes fog always reminds me how many layers things have.
      I could stare at this dot for a long time, already have.
      Nice to see you here again today.

  2. Alison Jory

    I love the crescent moon when you can just see the suggestion of the whole round of it, life’s like that sometimes, and sometimes it isn’t.
    Your stitched moon is so beautiful and making a diary of dots on the Bird robe is such a brilliant idea.

    • jude

      I love that the shape is held by the texture of the darkness. life, yes. I have so may large cloths here and I love to keep adding to them.

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