Dot #2 2023

feel free to print these pages...

The talking page #1 2023 then... talking page 1

Talking Pages are in the Glossary.  Under T.


  1. Your moon dot!!! I do like the stretching that comes from limiting things. This feels full circle-ish, it was following your dots that led me to you (2011?) (& I’m a rabbit, too).

  2. Helen Lee

    Moon is loved in our house and your moon dot made me gasp…then it felt like my whole body was smiling with the joy of it.
    I love the talking page.

  3. sharon

    love this! the talking pages. the language of texture. choices informed by what’s at hand or in sight. a dot diary. expressing feelings with the color, texture, pattern, size of each dot…

  4. Jeri Bellini

    Yes please, share what you don’t share! 😂
    I love dots and the mention of a dot a day. I mean that can’t be that difficult to commit to, a dot a day… Can it?
    I’m going to give it a go. A challenge.

    And Yes, I find less gives more. I work that way at the beach in the summer and I find it a very creative way to work. A challenge, and I love challenges.

  5. Jen

    “Necessity is the mother of invention”
    ( Or was it, “poverty”?🤔)
    Either way works here, the “necessity” of not leaving the chair, the “poverty” of supplies….and yet, beauty is created.
    Loving the dot idea, a daily dot. A spot. Recording this moment.

  6. Amy

    I love the talking page, and the moon dot. Thanks for saying what you used to draw the dot. Yesterday I used a quarter (coin) to draw the outline and was surprised at how long it takes to fill that in–I thought maybe your dots were small, like a dime.

    Another question: Does everything have a contexture?

    • jude

      I like to talk.
      I use dimes a lot. And this was bigger than a quarter and I did notice how much more time it took, which had me wondering what it would be like to make a HUGE one.

      I suppose everything does. When things are looser, I feel it changes at every turn.

  7. The preciousness of these thought journeys … thank you for capturing them. The context I am thinking about is – swatches. Or samplers. I feel intimidated by some techniques and I’ll just start small with some trial (and error).

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