jude hill spirit cloth

Day 1, Dot 1

Good Morning.

What if I just gather my thoughts?

We are here.  I made my first Dot for 2023.  I put it on my Bird Robe. It is  a thought catcher, this robe.  For the record.

That's it.  Coffee next. Thank you for all your kind comments yesterday.

My goal for this year. Keep it simple.

And a dot is always a way to begin.


  1. Michael

    Thank you for inspiring me last year…. I don’t quilt anymore… it’s all spirit cloth.. my needle has become as important to me as my fountain pens… and like so many others your You Tubes help me center myself into my sewing work/joy. Happy New Year… wishing you serenity.

    • jude

      Thank you! I winer what form this robe will will take if I can stitch on it for many more years. I wonder what form I will take?

  2. BrendaFalk

    Best wishes for the new year, Jude.
    Your work inspired me into my own slow stitching, and I still rewatch those videos on Youtube for inspiration and some great hints and insights.
    Thank you for sharing over the years. Brenda

  3. s

    a dot is useful. a single step on a long journey…………………………………………….. it’s expressive!
    an indication of more to come:
    part of a secret language …. .- .–. .–. -.- / -. . .– / -.– . .- .-.
    (happy new year) jude! X

  4. Good morning! Just finished my first cup of coffee, snuggled some cats and pondering the day a bit. So many possibilities… And dots…I recently pulled out my dot blanket. It needs some mending.

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