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Let’s call it a Wrap

Ok.  Done, the year that is.

It's been interesting to say the least. Personally,  very enlightening  in very unexpected ways.  I do not feel wiser, I simply feel kinder.  Not by connecting. In some sort of  standing back wayPerspective maybe. Letting folks be.  Practicing forgiveness while realizing things cannot be unsaid.  Except by saying more.   Wondering how the art of dialog got lost.

The last stitches on Alphabet Soup.

The Wrap Stitch is actually, or has become my favorite stitch.  I think because it seems basket-like. And I will be thinking more about that.  I was going to post this in the Forever Zone,  a private page,  but hey I asked myself, why?  I didn't really document the going as I had imagined, here or in the Zone. I will take some pics before I give it away.


M is for Many things and Mostly done, the Magic feather floated off somewhere...

See you on the other side.  Signing off for 2022.


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  2. Diane Kinsley

    I highly recommend grandmahood, just spent New Years Eve with Theo and it was glorious. He got to see fireworks and have so much fun. The house is beyond quiet now. I wish you all the wonder and marvelous joy of grandson. Happiest of new years.

  3. kathyd

    Happy New Year Jude !
    love this quilt so much , it’s nice to see
    it finished and going to a little person .
    dots could be fun.

  4. Deb Liversage Sanneh

    Happy New Year! I especially love your first paragraph…if only everyone could do more of that, maybe there would be more peace and acceptance.
    I love your work and always want to start stitching but never do. Please recommend a starting point from your vast teachings.
    Thank you 🙏❤️

  5. Happy new Year Jude!!
    Always wonderful teachings, sharing and lovely photos, looking ahead to your 2023 teaching and sewing. Thank you.

    Happy New Year to all the ragmates👋🏼

  6. Mary Ellen Fresquez

    Happy New Year, Jude and ragmates. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your many projects. You are so inspirational to me.

  7. lisa thomson-author

    Thanks for all of the creative inspiration you give all year, Jude. Looking forward to 2023 here at Spirit Cloth. The blanket is so gorgeous. I can’t even find words. The space for the name, just gave me goosebumps, in a good way of course.

  8. Alison Jory

    Another year of wonderful sharing of your stitchery and thoughts completed, thank you so much Jude. I wish you and all of us a year of blessings and kindness to each other.

  9. Maria

    Happy New Year 🎈 Jude
    Wishing you a fabulous 2023 with lots of love & happiness & stitching 🤗Thankyou for showing me a different approach to patchwork 🙏your work is always so inspirational . Thankyou Thankyou 🥰

  10. Anita

    Happy New Year, Jude, and to everyone here. You all make it such a nice place to gather (and I need to do some wrapped stitch – it’s been so long…).

  11. hermosa

    Big Bright New Year Cheer to All.
    and to YOU, Jude, you make such a difference to my world.
    and to ALL Ragmates, you also make a difference to my world.
    together we can carry on with smiles on our faces.

  12. Carol Cot

    Happy New Year, Jude and all!
    Love, love the dots. Love the idea of a dot-a-day. So many ways to explore that idea. Temperature cloth? (Like the Temperature afghans) But I do have a question Jude. Are the stitches going all the way to the back or nesting in the batting?
    Thanks for all you share!

    • jude

      it can be either way, In the video I am not going all the way through. That happens a lot when I embellish over layers. But sometimes I go through where I can and not where I can’t, Ha! The thick and thin of it.

  13. Jane Hudak

    Happy NewYear, Jude! I started the year with Stage 3 Cancer and now the doctor has said after year long chemo and radiation treatment I have no evidence of disease (NED). I have not had the strength to make art all year. Your words and beautiful images have sustained me and brought me so much pleasure. I haven’t posted much here, but wanted you to know how much joy your stitching has brought me this past year. Than you dear, Jude! XX

    • jude

      Oh! This is such great news after such an awful shock, big love to you, and I am sure your heart is filled and will spill over into something beautiful.

  14. Glenda Barber Hoagland

    Happy New Year Jude, I have ben watching you for years. Never really comment, but I just felt called to wish you a happy new year filled with inspiration and peace.

  15. Pam S.

    I love that Jude stitching the big dots with the wrap stitch!
    My daughter, son in law and 2 little grandkids just left this morning after visiting a couple days … they’re going back home on the opposite coast of Florida 😕
    Need to start some stitching!

  16. Jude…so no magic feather? That seems hard to imagine! Baby will love this quilt…the colors, the Texture, the word games t evokes. Wonderful!
    I hope you take LOTS of pics 🙂 – front, back, close-ups!
    Be well in 2023 and enjoy this special time. xo

    • jude

      there is a magic feather bit it floated off to another place on the cloth. I will take pics, I had better get to work because it will fly away any day now.

  17. Pat Jacobs

    The beauty of this quilt is, it will grow with the child and not be just a “baby” quilt. So glad you have shared it with us as you’ve worked on it….all those living stitches❣️. Happy and healthy new year to you and yours💐

  18. Jana

    I appreciate being able to tag along with you this past year. More of a blessing than words can say. Many blessings to as you enter the realm of grandmother. Blessings to you and yours for 2023!

  19. jeri

    It’s been a VERY interesting year for me too. One of the most enjoyable parts was traveling along with you and the ragmates. Thank you so much for that!
    That quilt is going to be a delightful adventure for the recipient… So many wonderful, interesting things to see on it. I bet you could look at it for hours and hours and still miss seeing things. He/She is going to love it I’m certain!
    So Happy New Year dear Jude and also a happy, peaceful, stitch filled year ahead to all my ragmates!

  20. Janet Wright

    How did the art of dialog get lost? wonderful. question. The art of listening is certainly not far behind. I am finding that both go along with practicing kindness and letting things go. I am amazed at how many people want to only make critical comments to each other. I find that if I do not respond but just keep silent—it is a powerful message–without engaging. Silent kindness???

  21. Marti

    Dear Jude, you are entering such a special time of wonder and magic and love and joy and happiness and delight. Welcome to the land of GrandMa, where love knows no bounds. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  22. Helen Lee

    You’ve done it again Jude! So many times you do something that makes me wonder why didn’t I think of that!! Wrapped dots…FANTASTIC 🔴🟢🔵🟣
    Love you too, and Happy New Year ❤️

  23. sharon

    the wrapped circles remind of little japanese lanterns! i’m imagining a pillow of different sized circles… some wrapped with a 9-patch pattern, triangles, diamonds, bargello, smaller circles or… maybe some woven onto the cloth… skitch skatch… oooooooooh… happy grandmotherhood! love u too!

  24. Christina

    Wishing you good health and happy stitching forthis new beginning. I am new here but have enjoyed the conversations.
    Happy new year to all you ragmates!

  25. Lauree

    i think it is synchronicity that you are thinking of dots….for the past few weeks i have obsessed over dots that are embroidered, appliquéd, quilted…whatever. i think this was the final sign for me. thank you.

  26. carroleb

    Happy New Year 🍁
    Wishing you all sorts of wonderful new adventures. Thank you for sharing all the wonder filled adventures from this year.

    What a lucky little person to receive such a gift.

  27. kirsten

    i, too, wonder at times how the art of dialogue got lost. today it seems to just be talking (yelling??) their opinion at the other person or sometimes talking non-stop and no self awareness that others are trying to add to the conversation.

    alphabet soup is magic! what a wonderful piece.

    on to the other side.

    • Kirsten…I agree. Social media has so much to do with this…twitter, you tube, tik tok – you name it, millions of folks spouting off to hear their own words projected, never pausing to consider other folks words. And dare I add the news media to that group…so many with their own ‘platforms’ for spouting!

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