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The Going


The last corner,  Alphabet Soup, a turning point, became home for Nine for the Fire Inside.  And I will throw this thing in the washer today.  Funny how I could just go on this one, without saying much more.  The cloth holds the going without saying.  It has been a while since that is how it went. It's almost 60 degrees here today. I can dry it outside.

me like a squirrel

As you can see, we did not get any snow.  This picture was taken a few days ago when it was still very cold.  A lot of emails and texts came in from Turkey, the Man's family asking if we were ok.  He took this and said, yes, we are ok and we have a lot of wood. I look like a squirrel.  He tells me that a lot.

The Bird Robe is a very warm layer.  It has served me well.  I added belt loops.  Just some braided cloth strips, knotted at both ends and secured by the side seams.  There are buttons but sometimes the wind comes in.  Sometimes I need to pull it closer to self.




  1. Maybe it’s weird ( I WAS once briefly known as Old Weird Faith), but the first thing I thought when I looked at your picture was Mary Quant, not a squirrel. You don’t look like her, so I have no idea why. But I absolutely love that when I biggened the picture, it looks like you are really having FUN!

  2. sharon

    the loose ombre’ weave of the cloth belt has an ancient vibe. love the long tassel-like ends. something so satisfying about creating one’s own chrysalis…

  3. Julia Salem

    I know you have posted pattern for robe before but could you please consider sharing it once per year? Thanks, Happy New Year to you and yours

      • One thing I love that you said a while back was about a cloth, “What are you saving it for?” That has helped me to cut into things I wouldn’t have otherwise and I’m relieved. Tony (19) wants me to use his preemie clothes to make a quilt or a bear. And I reconsidered my white ‘crazy cloth’ (I felt crazy when I started it) to embrace the relief of change sometimes.

        • jude

          19! oh how time is flying…
          I almost cut this one up to make pillows, I could’ve, I like the cutting. the relief from the “thingness” is amazing sometimes.

  4. Jana Jopson

    Oh, I love that fire inside… beautiful symbol. And won’t that quilt smell lovely all sun dried! Like a blessing upon it from the sun. Very cute squirrel! 😉💚

  5. Julie

    Cute squirrel in the gorgeous bird robe…..you are just the kind of neighbour I’d love to get to know!
    (When I first saw the pic I thought you were stood in front of a small yurt!)

  6. got kinda lost in your pages and suddenly there she was: Michelle!
    was thinking about her just the other day………….and then I realised that she’s no longer with us, thank you for keeping her on board
    wishing you a happy new year xx

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