jude hill spirit cloth

Tiny Spring

It's been so cold.  And now it isn't.  Like a sudden Tiny Spring.

Tiny Spring.

You know, a moment in the midst of winter when you sense the coming warmth, because you carry season, don't you? What if Season is a lesson?
There are nine scraps here, so Nine for a Sense of Warmth. On this glorious December Day.

feelin' it.

the 3 travelling companions. maybe I should draw 9

I am here today, testing to make sure all my housecleaning has been fruitful.  To See if there any glitches before I continue.

So Hey.


  1. Caro

    Moon always works for me. In any season. I like that this one is not in the typical “moonspot”.
    Wishing for a safe place, inside and out, for everyone.

  2. Lynn Watson

    Love your new piece, Jude, with a piece of the moon, strong design and colour – and perhaps they are paw prints, as Suzanna said. And to you, and to all, I wish an uplifting, happy New Year, with new insights and … much more stitching.

  3. amaranda de jong

    Been worried for you with all that snow Jude x but you seem ok so HAPPY NEW YEAR shout out to you and yours stitchy friend of the ether xxx

    • jude

      yeah, it’s been awfully cold, but we did not get the snow, slightly south of the snowline on this one. We are more than OK, expected much worse.
      Thanks for the shout out!

  4. Helen Lee

    Rain, rain, rain and strong winds for four days!…but with a tantalising, brief glimpse of the Moon last night bringing hope.
    Your new banner made me sigh deeply, as did the Moon and bluebird in your beautiful story cloth.
    Happy New Year Jude, Man, Soul-O and Ragmates ❤

  5. I would love to see nine travelling companions <3

    Tiny spring has arrived in the Netherlands as well with lots and lots of rain. We even had some real winter here with ice skating on the small river behind our house.

  6. Greta wells

    A comfort as I let my eyes soak in the images of your beautiful stitching, and Rag-mates communication. Healthy and Happy 2023 for all.

  7. sharon

    i like how the scraps blend into one another. the weaverliness of the frayed edges. feels like each season helps to prepare us for the next…

  8. Deb VZ

    The new banner picture is amazing. The moody, dark and foggy woods with your cloth thrown across the rocks….it is really beautiful.

  9. Vi

    It’s incredible how much I have learnt from watching you play with patches and scraps…I look with wonder at them and find myself saying” oh yeah, ofcourse..that piece really tells that story!” The naturalness of having that patch there becomes so visible.
    It is such a delight, Jude.

  10. Judy

    Hi Jude, so glad you’re back. I’m such a piecing scaredy…never sure what’s okay together. But in the end, it doesn’t matter really. I look at old pieces that I thought didn’t work but now I think they’re lovely, they do work. Your inspiration!

  11. kirsten

    we, too. are having a false spring after snow and bitter cold of last week! it’s such a welcome relief but know that it’s only a blip before back to the cold.

    i wonder if ‘false spring”‘ is to give us hope now that we are going back into the light.

  12. cherylg

    Here’s to housecleaning and no glitches!! I’ve been housecleaning to get a bit more organized and have more time to stitch and to wondering. I wonder… is my version of what if… Enjoy your many “seasoned” day.

  13. We used to get “false Spring” in late January in So. Calif. when I lived there. I always wanted to get out the shorts and flip flops when I was a kid, lol! Hope you can enjoy the warmer temps while they last.

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