jude hill spirit cloth

Connecting loose moments in time

Away we go for a bit. Some visiting, because it is not snowing and warm. OK.

nine dujour

A little Nine.  One inch squares.  Nine as Time passes. Maybe yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Maybe a blink of an eye.  Here today, gone, well no, maybe transformed tomorrow.  Today's dot is  a reminder of fullness.

Car travel, dots are small and easy, I can continue.  Needle , thread, a few loose scraps.  Maybe a pencil and a scrap of paperSmall clothThought catching. Simple Enough.

time to go...

Almost time to go,  gotta go pack some sandwiches.



  1. Joyce L

    Oh Happy Happy Day! I am late reading this as usual = two lovely little grand babies in my life just seem to keep me busier than every! At any rate, congratulations and enjoy, enjoy!

  2. Deb VZ

    Joining the others with wishes for safe travels. I hope our time together is more than you even hoped for. What a lucky boy to be receiving a gift so lovingly made.

  3. Sue Facherty

    Nothing so scrumdiddlyumptious as baby snuggles. Love to you; safe journeying with a precious bundle for a precious bundle.

  4. Congratulations to the whole family. It’s such as exciting time. I’m not sure we will get a photo of Bruno – but I do hope you provide us with a drawing of this new year baby.

  5. Caro

    Congratulations! Good travel and a sweet time to get to know one another.
    Love, love ,love that name!!
    Very touched by this post.

  6. sharon

    wooooooooHOOOO!!! such a Bee-You-Tea-Full bundle of LOVE! Can totally feel the Joy ‘n Excitement of this long-awaited Day!!!……………..

  7. Marti

    Trips usually have special destinations but this trip, well the destination of this trip, could not be more joyful or love filled. Safe travels, safe arrival, and know that love and happiness surrounds you and your family.

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