jude hill spirit cloth

Dots in a Row

still standing after all the storms.

So so warm.   Rain.  This is as close as I can get to a snowman being,    but I can stitch one..  No snow, that will change.

We are home again. That will change.

The Alphabet Soup quilt has changed hands.  Cannot believe I took no picture.  I think I was in a joyous fog.  Bruno has us waiting.  That will change.

me right now

This is a Just Going patch. I have made many of these moon(dot) faced beasts.  I realize they are the Just Going ones.  Just Going ( that will not change) in January then, Trying to Keep my Dots in a Row.  An exercise in alignment.

aligned in a new way

I think there will be no schedule for being here in the near future.  And so just going will become more real and less of a story word.

I thank you all for your warm words on my last post.  I carry them with me.

After I said that I saw a paper base I made a while ago and I said to myself,  let me use this old dot  as part of a path to that thought.

The Word Carrier.  I could call it that. New post in the Zone



  1. sharon

    this “just going” one with the braided tail ‘n oval thread beads is a delight. thinking about words as carriers, from one heart to another. how one picture or sketch could contain a thousand words. a world of words…

  2. Loriann

    I love your thoughts and I too can not wait to see the recipient of the alphabet quilt. I often think…. where can i get or how to make fabric like yours. Warm HUGS!

  3. Jana

    Happy for your joyous fog and the deliver of the Alphabet Quilt. All the stories in that one quilt. “A” for Amazing. Such a gift. Can’t wait to see the recipient wrapped up in one corner of it!

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