jude hill spirit cloth

edge of no thing

Here it is.

You remember Q.  Near U.  Q was not finished.

I added the big question.

that which has form is disappearing as we look.

We all have questions.  A child will have many.  But the big one, it comes with age I think.   As with quest, a question can change in scale over time.  As will our sense of self in the scheme of things.

big question

just an unravelling of no thing.

I love the raw edge of a woven cloth How it holds together and falls apart while you look.  I love how that which moved through slowly falls away and reveals that which is still standingWeaving is a big symbol for me in that context.  It is still snowing.



  1. Helen Lee

    Ohhhh….what you said about the snow…poetry on this cold, freezing morning…minus 5° C
    I’m trying to return from disappearing! Ha!
    Raw edges, how they look, the concepts they represent are a delight to me too.
    Hugs to you Jude.

  2. i woke this morning in that Atmospheric River got up and drank my tea, thought all the thoughts that first waking gives and then went back\
    under the covers for the Little Sleep. Dreamed.
    Woke again to thinking….Where ARE you? and ta da here you were.
    This is Good.

  3. Jen

    While I was listening to you speak, my hubby walked into the room, paused and said, “I recognize that voice”
    I guess I listen to your recordings/videos a lot!

  4. Julie Windred

    Your reflections, and your questions and your genuineness I find so rich. It makes me reflect in turn. And take a breath, and slow down.

    • Vi

      I seem to be making things anew and seeing things through other filters…a more wholesome one, probably. A little like when I hear your words talking about something and somehow ,allowing a space… to imagine or tell ourselves a story of our own. A real gift, that is, Jude. Thanks.

      • jude

        it is always a revelation, new eyes, if only for a moment. I always say to myself
        why didn’t I see that?
        But then i did, but that was yesterday, a different time and place. and mood.

  5. Suzy Hard

    I wish I had found you years ago when I started quilting, to free form rather than following patterns. I’ve always felt traditionally
    non- traditional.
    Enjoy the snow.

    • jude

      I think I like both really. But I think a lot about pattern and how years of going creates them. Making your own pattern interests me. Like a personal tradition to be handed down so it too can be changed….

  6. Pam S.

    I love that raw edge too! Every time I finish a quilt I feel like I’ve disappeared or the process of making it disappears from my mind too quickly!

  7. Sarita

    “As with quest, a question can change in scale over time…”
    Bam! A quest! Never thought of it as a question!
    A journey to discover one’s purpose; realizing it moment to moment, perhaps. When we are paying attention.
    A quest to the very end…

  8. Linda

    I really love your ABC quilt! What is the approximately size? I thought you had said it was for a child, but cannot remember if it was crib size or closer to a twin.

  9. JayJay

    Would you consider accompanying this quilt with a (paper) journal of these posts so that the child when older will have a sense of grandma’s quest? This is such rich process – a sort of call and response – creating a path of thoughts and visions. I want to make an ABC quilt!

    On another note…your thoughts about disappearing resonate.

  10. Nancy

    Yeah, Jude, all of this…just cycling over here…season, appear-disappear, unravel~holding together…fading, becoming scratched…all of it beautiful in its own way. xo

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