jude hill spirit cloth

Hey look it’s Wednesday

From me to you, where ever you are.

Yesterday  this site went down.

Today I am sitting in a pile of loose yesterdays.

This is the drawing I used as a card when I first started to sell in my shop.  Cannot remember how long ago it was.  I like it as a message to say from my home to yours.

I look at it today.  Drawn before stitching days.  1965?  It seems stitched. What if?
etched by nature

And here is the photo that inspired the "snow scratched" idea.

More snow tomorrow. I love winter's magic.

to the zone


  1. Caro

    I imagine you calm, stitching by the fire, abc blanket covering your legs. A cozy home by the big cedar in the middle of lots of snow. Awaiting the grandchild.
    I see the card in my mind.

  2. Marguerite Perkins

    I just love the you, Jude, are part of my wake up each morning here in Australia, with constant inspiration. Both for creativity and for just plugging on and showing up for each day even when things are tough as.

  3. Marilee

    I love your card, it really does look stitched, much like we humans are strung together by loose or tight threads. AND THAT TREE! Gorgeous, as is the stone wall in the background topped with snow. Stone walls, another kind of stitching.

  4. Lynn Watson

    I saw your card and enlarged it – it looked stitched to me! I love it, I see your little houses… AND THEN, that huge pine tree with snow!! Here in Sydney, we never see snow .. and it is such a magnificent photo, Jude, and I thank you for these pics.

  5. Jana

    I may not get snow here in eastern Tennessee this winter so thank you a million-billion for that fabulous photograph! Made my day. I’m looking out at rain (like that, too). Winter wonderland. Wonder-land? Wondering, “What if” a sketch becomes a stitch? Jolly day to you, our wonder-full Jude!

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