jude hill spirit cloth

yes, everything is always changing…

snow globe patchStorm brewing. 

Rushed down to drop my car for inspection,  to a nearby mechanic, his business RUSH Auto, ha.  The right place, never fails if you get there at the crack of dawn.  First mechanic that has never tried to cheat me in some way. Gosh, I so appreciate that.  Just that, is mostly all I ask these days.


The last few days, challenging.  Exhausted in so many ways.

And the Soul-0, reminding me, just find a sunny spot when you can.  Rest and soak it up.  Store it for later.

creature depth

F, for fish,  but today also noticing how much I like how the Form has twisted as the cloth Folded in on itself.  And I have noticed the sparkle in the eye.  The eye of the Beast. Self. We are all of it.  All of it is us.

I'm back for now.  WordPress has updated to a new version and nothing crashed as expected. This site will be down between Christmas and  the New Years though,  just clean up.


  1. A trustworthy car mechanic is a real, and very practical blessing.
    Hope you have stored some warmth, there is a lot of it in the beautiful colours of that wood where Soul-O sits

  2. Beth from Still Life Pond

    That message: “We are all of it. All of it is us.” Appearing over and over again lately. Feeling its absolute truth.

  3. Mary

    You always achieve such awesome results filled with so much love. The fish is awesome. Your work so so special. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Marti

    As we approach the coming of the light, Winter Solstice, what can be more illuminating or wonderful than the birth of a child. Love and best wishes to you Jude and your family as you go into the new year with this joy. I send you an old Celtic Winter Solstice blessing because we all need this:

    Deep peace of the running waves to you.
    Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
    Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
    Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
    May the beauties of the earth, sky and sea
    Fill your heart with lasting peace and contentment.

  5. Lynne Watson

    I don’t worry about exact piecing any more. 1) my hands don’t work as well as they used to (carpal tunnel surgeries), and 2) whatever comes, let it come, and be part of the design!
    (My spiritual teacher taught me that…”Whatever goes, let it go, whatever comes, let it come…”)

  6. jeri

    Smart Soul-o soaking up the sun while he can.
    Winter brings a lot of challenges for me, especially this year. Living out of boxes while trying to fix the house up. The boxes are smothering me. Reminding myself that I am blessed to have a home at all. But still, I long for a space to pull out my cloth and create.
    Love your posts!

  7. Corinne

    Cats know best how to preserve their Self. Involved with the sun and cozy places to rest. Good luck through the storm. Candles and or flashlight.

  8. Judy

    The quilt is stunning. Happy Solstice Jude. I’m looking forward to the new year…I think. Mostly just looking forward to the beginning of longer days.

  9. kirsten

    finding good auto mechanics is so hard anymore especially as I drive a much older foreign car!

    i was wondering after reading about other dyers doing so, do you scour your fabric before dyeing? i’ve taken clean cloth and just put in my jar of walnut dye and let it sit there for weeks.

    i sometimes think we make things too hard!! quilts have to have 3 layers, pieced exactly, or use modern design. blech!

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