jude hill spirit cloth

how it might seem

Could it be possible that I just changed my mind about Everything?

All at once?

Because that is how it feels.


Winter changed its mind as well, it is 60 degrees here at sunrise. On this December morn.

Maybe it's the Moon?

I cannot use words to say how I feel.  I just see things differently.

How will that take form?

I guess that is always the question.

No not all those who wander are lost. But maybe for some of us, well, that is what wandering is for.

Not to find something.

But to lose something. To overcome the fear in that.

To let some thing go.  And then to know it wasn't really there anyway. Put that no thing in the basket, to hold it,  and bring it home.


I have been using clothworks as sketches. So when they fly away, I can hold on to them in different form.


less as a relief

This morning, early, I thought... I need to paint this drawing table white. I did some photo play because there was no real paint.  And then I got caught in the moment.  I live in these moments.  They open something for me.

It is Wednesday.  I think I can and will might settle into What if Wednesday going forward.  Mostly.


  1. Cj

    Nifty save for the clothworks. I love when you sketch! It’s so hot and humid I’m back to hibernating! So ready to wander in a cap and gloves! !

  2. Mary

    on the riff of ‘thing’ recommend Shaun Tan’s Oscar winning short film “The Lost Thing”. A visual reflection of your post today which touched me so. How wonderful to let go & realise something wasn’t really even there!!

  3. Jen

    80f here and I’m gardening barefoot.
    I change my mind about everything all the time.

    Love the art, stitched and painted ( those cards; swoon!)

  4. Jacqui

    There have been times in my life when I’ve felt I’ve woken up with new eyes. And everything looks different somehow. Thanks for your words Jude.

  5. Caro

    I just wrote this looong post. About changing my mind, in my doing….. but it became too complicated to explain. So i changed my mind.
    What i really do want to say is that i love the little green tree!

  6. JayJay

    yes! a potent post – “not to find something but to lose something”
    wordless and formless in this dark season
    i will go pick up some thread and wander a bit

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