jude hill spirit cloth

quietly here

Ms Cardinal

She is less shy

this old table has supported a lot of going

22 degrees and soul-0 loves his new sunny basket spot. wedged between two baby lemon trees with a view of the frozen lake downhill.

This is fun really. I think this quilt should come with some crayons.

I'm laughing. Wordless as a word.



  1. Barbara Inskeep

    That made me laugh too..always grateful for that❤️. Cardinals do not come to our feeders regularly…but they come to friends down the road a couple of miles . They have more meadows. We are surrounded by more forest, water . And taller trees.

  2. Jen

    That view!
    That mug and that scarred table!!
    The humor here…and Soul-O’s ears…
    ~~saying so much with your wordless pictures.

  3. Wyonne Bucheit. Decorah Iowa

    Just love this all of this I just know you are a kind and gentle lady.look to hear from you each day.love

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