jude hill spirit cloth

December almost

Sitting under it, to quilt. It kept me warm.

And now,  to close this year, just this.  Just this. Fireside. Quilting.

I am bumping into a lot of old what ifs on this one.  Funny, how in some ways,  a lot of my old questions are here. And they are just fine without answers.

I will probably, mostly,  hibernate... come December.


  1. lisa thomson-author

    Some old questions don’t need answers. You are so right, Jude. A good thing to be reminded of. Glad you are keeping warm under your quilt in progress.

  2. sharon

    thank u, jude, for all the what ifs ‘n why nots you’ve stirred up in all of us this year. looking forward to a cozy season of contemplative quilting, with some spirit cloth archive binge watching thrown in! hey ho! happy hibernation! x

  3. I find posting so challenging at this time of year … doing so much that can’t be shown as the gift-giving season approaches … at least, that’s my excuse

    and that’s one cool cat you have in your lap … wondering how it fits into the R/S block … regal? sassy?

  4. Kristin F

    Something about the chill of winter envelopes our need for some alone, quiet, nurturing time. Always I am amazed at how much I produce when I “agree” to listen to this calling.

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