jude hill spirit cloth

Rain Rain Rain


And one happy beast.  Biggest I have ever seen in real life.

I kept my distance, said hello and watched him/her? disappear.


  1. Wendy

    That is a big one for 😃 you don’t see many of the older ones as much these days. Thank you for sharing this ♥️

  2. Marti

    In TN, a box turtle often came for a visit. there was a nearby pond and up she would come, beautiful brown and black markings. I don’t really know if she was a she but I like to think she was; I always felt spirit rising when I would see her. When my grand kids were little and living in San Francisco, one of our favorite places in the Botanical Gardens was a little area with a pond, bridge and massive rocks. Many turtles would bask on those rocks.

  3. CJ

    Super cool! To see live in your oasis you feel so lucky! Last year we had a Gopher Tortoise cross our patio. I was beyond touched for nature’s miracles!

  4. Pat Cooper

    It is spring, they are on the move to find places to lay their eggs. They came into my mother’s yard every sping , traveled hundreds of yards to get there.

  5. Caro

    Do they live there? Or is it someones pet that ran away?
    Turtle is the personification for goddess energy and the eternal mother.(Animal medicine)
    How special that she showed up for you!

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