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Pinhead.  How I feel sometimes when I cannot understand.

It is raining a lot and nothing is leaking.  And there are gutters, leading the water to the garden.  I need to rig up a rain barrel as well.  A dark day yet light enough for stitching, reading, drawing, even growing.  We will paint the ceiling white.  This weekend.  I think we can sleep out here now.  There are 3 large skylights. Enough light on the darkest of days, not too much heat on the sunniest of days. The chicken wire came off the lower edge.  It was there when we moved in, they had pets.  Soul-o promised to be good.

It's a quiet morning.

a ninepatch is a symbol of personal order

To celebrate or simply honor my new found peace, I have begun filling in a few squares to define a new nine. (acting on a sketch from back here) I realize I have not gathered my thoughts about the NinePatch for the glossary yet.  There are many, I should do that soon.   Things, at least here,  have calmed down.

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  1. A screened porch to sleep on is so awesome. My grandparents had a double decker screened porch and the upstairs one was the summer guestroom. I remember sleeping to the sound of music drifting down from The Castle on the Hill (a resort spa there).

  2. The unstitched zig-zags (outer bottom and right) make me think of a heartbeat.

    It’s a 12 patch over a 56 patch over ?. Neither evenly divisible by 9. Is that significant or am I simply not seeing the basic 9-patchyness of it? Or is it meant to reflect a non-personal order? Or, in these “interesting times,” a desire for world order?

    Whatever it signifies, I really love it. Someone said (on another post?) it looks like gnomes hiding behind the 56 patch. I agree . . . or sleeping under it at a campout. 😊💕

    And the leaf!

  3. “nothing is leaking”…how the small things can be huge! It looks wonderful and I can’t wait to see the whole of it, all done…so I can imagine.
    This cloth says so much. ❤️

      • Hahaha…..yes to more light…..we have just had a shower refurb’ with tada: a small window in the shower space, now I can watch the bats fluttering as I shower in the crepuscule……

        • jude

          I love windows while bathing, No window in the bath here, but hey, one thing at a time, we could make and outdoor shower here, but the mosquitoes would love it more.

  4. Vi

    Wonderful skylight…
    The peace looks and feels absolutely delicious… waiting and evoking…
    Like it’s always been there, somehow…

  5. Sympa cet espace vitré, nous avons une véranda ici aussi pour nous protéger du vent surtout !
    Et tes ouvrages toujours aussi beaux. J’aime bien les contrastes comme ces cercles et les dents de scies ou les cases souvent par neuf et les bordures frangées 😉
    Merci de partager tes états d’âme et tes jolis points <3

  6. Wendy

    Wonderful skylights to sit under and sewor read or maybe nap. Your stitching is always so nicely done, are you using one or two threads to stitch with? Either way I love where this is going.😍 Hope you have a blessed evening and a restful sleep.

  7. carroleb

    Peace and quiet. So needed, enjoy your new space.
    I am heading north for the summer, but will be watching the space, even if not responding. (out of wifi range)
    Best wishes for a delightful summer to all.

  8. Jana

    Beautiful porch and sky lights and sleeping with new dreams coming in! Hurray, hurray! Happy for you and the man and Soul-O.

  9. sharon

    can SO picture the three of you sleeping under your quilts on that cozy treehouse porch with soft breezes flowing thru… the beautiful dreams you’ll have!

    • jude

      still some cleaning and painting, and not planning to put too much back except a sleeper couch and a small table and chairs. and plants.

    • jude

      heat and storms expected. somehow I can weather the humidity on the porch, it’s up high and there is air moving through.

  10. Nancy

    Oh! That leaf!! I stitched a leaf once…no, a leaf…a real leaf…a little flax-spun X in the middle…The little leaf made an impression on me, so I made an impression on it…used it for a bookmark.

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