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The Japanese indigo, which I planted in the raised bed on the porch, well it just reseeds itself basically. Here it is again! I cut it 2 or three times a season for  fresh leaf color using the salt method. ( you can google it, I put this one link here today) It yields more of a turquoise, and it is easy and fun.  You may remember, I tend to use it as an overdyed method, just to mix it up a bit.  Most of my regular indigo dyeing is done with purchased indigo powder.  Mostly because it is available and I am not that focused on doing it from scratch.  That may change, but we'll see.

I see some basil in there.

The crimson clover has begun to bloom.

The guys were here at the crack of dawn this morning. Still at it.  Today is finish day, we hope.  I'm bonkers.

I have gathered a few 3" puzzle pieces,  bases for more Magic-Dots.  An easy going dreaming of new beginnings to blur out the noise around me on this coolish May day before  thunderstorms and ridiculously hot weather on the way.

The first thing I will do is trace around a quarter to make a circle.


    • jude

      Mine has stayed, fades a lot from wet to dry, but stays. Indigo itself is somewhat susceptible to ozone fading naturally tho. But then, hey, all dyes fade in time.

  1. jeri

    So… where does one purchase Indigo seeds?
    And I did not realize you are using indigo powder. I bought some powder last summer, but never got to play with it. Do you just put some in water until you like to depth of color and how long can you keep it please? (In a closed jar?
    I usually do a lot of eco printing in the summer. Not sure if that will happen this year, I’m driving back and forth from NJ to PA a LOT.
    Can’t wait to see the finished porch!

    • jude

      oh indigo is way different, it is a science really. You can research it online to get a feel. I learned form Glennis, she is on my resource page. Her classes are great. I don’t teach it, it is not my expertise. But no, you don’t just mix it with water a dip. There is a delicate chemistry and the vat needs to be managed. I think the powder keep well, no reason to think it has a shelf life.
      Indigo seeds are available in many places, google it. Or I may have some available soon, just testing them.

  2. Hello little baby indigos! Tomorrow is a stay at home day. I will be transplanting mine. I like the salt method but I also liked the second batch of color I got by fermenting what I had blended with cold water. Hope your work was done.

  3. Wendy

    Growing indigo is something I really want to try. Maybe in a raised bed or container on my porch. Been a rainy week here, so I’m pulling out the three inch squares to work on the next few days. I’m always happy when a construction project is complete. Hope you have a blessed evening.

  4. Dhyana Winant

    Hi Jude !
    I am curious about the back of the 3 inch pieces. How big is the original square ? Do you then sew the seam allowances together ? I think this method would be good for me ; working with one small piece at a time.
    And If I ever have a garden space I will grow indigo ! So exciting !
    Thank you.

  5. One of my greatest joys ever was growing indigo from seed last year so that I could dye using the fresh leaf methods. The sea glass colors are amazing! Just now prepping the bed for this year’s crop. I didn’t have self-seeding last year because our growing season for the heat-lovers is quite short, but I don’t mind sowing again ….. ;>) Happy growing, jude! xo

  6. sharon

    oooooooooH… a day of skylights! dreaming of new beginnings is a fine place to be. i laugh at myself because whatever you’re doing always looks like SO much fun, i just have to give it a go. off to create some 3″ puzzle pieces… hey ho…

  7. CAT

    are the flowers of your indigo blue? I love the flowers of false indigo in Kansas but all the wild seeds I have ever collected never sprouted… and it looks like a kind of moth lays eggs on the flowers, there are always little holes in the dry pods! Just like on wild yucca pods.

  8. Jen

    My self-sown indigo is already flowering! woohooo!

    and yes, I completely underdtand: not only is construction noisy, it just feels “weird’ to have “strangers” all over your house. (insert me making an odd face HAHA!)
    Hope today is completion day!!

  9. Pam S.

    I’m going to plant the rest of your indigo seeds in a flower bed instead of growing it in a container like I did last year. Fingers crossed it takes off! 💙

  10. Jana

    For some reason, today those large triangles on the right of the piece in the photo make me think of gnome hats and the gnomes are hiding behind the overlay cloth. LOL! Soon, soon, soon … the porch. The “solstice” of the re-porching has passed and the finish is in sight!

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