jude hill spirit cloth

A Blue-ish Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day.

japanese indigo

Seems different here.  OR. Since we moved, I feel different.  Is it the place?  Or just the course of events. After all, the world seems to have turned upside down just shortly after moving in.  I can almost mark my calendar with it.  Add to it all that has generally happened. The things that life brings.  Funny how we find reasons for things. When there aren't really any, except change.  Funny how we notice some changes and not others.  Depends on how small our world is I guess, and then in relative terms, how big we might seem in it.  How we filter the big through our own sense of self.

I have been distracted by so many things.  This is a very late first cut from the small amount of indigo I am growing this year.  The leaves were tired, and I was reminded  that  the color often fades when leaves get old.   These plants reseeded in the planter box on the deck.  There is more down in the garden, planted late but doing well in the heat.

coloring over color

For fresh leaf, I have begun to lean toward the salt method.  Because I am very driven to over-tint a lot of cloth here.  A fresh coat of turquoise over  previously dyed or even commercial cloth.  It is easy and fulfilling to alter the color in such a way, kneading the juice from fresh leaves into the old cloth. The one on the left I just used to mop up the leftover juice in the bowl, just a hint of blue.

leaning into change yet standing, continuing, rooted in self

And today, nine became a constellation.

everything continues

The Need to Explain. I thought this would become more complicated, but really, I added fringe to this stray self which is leaning into change but yet standing, rooted in self, self  awareness.  And then, of course, everything else is continuing too. That is what occurred to me here.


  1. debgorr

    For the fresh indigo I like the salt method best too but I went with the blender so I could use the leaves in the fermented vat. I still want to try making ink…sooner or later. 🙂 So many things to try!

  2. I love learning, but in all honesty, I’m not always very good at the applying/doing. However, I am leaning strongly toward learning to dye and actually doing it. Just because I have a lot of commercial fabric and I like the idea of some of it being overdyed to be more coordinated.

  3. deemallon

    Heard author of Thinking Fast and Slow on podcast saying how much “noise” there is. That we think we are more rational and consistent than we really are. We humans. I’ve been wondering about that as a characterize my actions or thoughts over the course of a day. Leaning feels like an attitude of rest to me. Learning’s work.

  4. Sharon Koch

    leaning forward (noticing) ‘n leaning back (considering) are both learning postures. together they form a rocking motion. you rock, jude! x

  5. Jen NyBlom

    Am not sure if I’m leaning, or listing slightly to port, ya know? Feeling a little overwhelmed by the world again…
    I need to knead my indigo and salt, just breathe.

  6. So good to see you leaning into the changes of these surreal days swirling around our beautiful broken world. Am trying to make sense of all the things in this house after living here for nearly 13 years… will need to live to at least 100 to honour all the leather, cloth, glass, silver, copper, shells, feathers, grape vine tendrils, beads., stones, etc that have gathered over the last 35 years since I moved to Sydney… remembering the wild days when I moved fast and light with whatever I could fit in a taxi to the train station…

  7. “Funny how we find reasons for things. When there aren’t really any, except change. Funny how we notice some changes and not others. Depends on how small our world is I guess, and then in relative terms, how big we might seem in it. How we filter the big through our own sense of self.”

    I love this. Thank you for writing and sewing your thoughts and showing us both of these endeavors. Enjoy this day, megan

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