jude hill spirit cloth

Leaning into the Day

He leans on the sill to watch the birds

finally morning glories...


I like this double form.  The double wishing star.  I am thinking it might work for many things,  a compound nested symbol. Something framed by itself.  It gives the form a kind of depth. Perspective.

Personal symbols are a picture language and life is complicated.


  1. Soul-O and his perch…colored pencils (((sigh)))…Morning Glories!! We had them at the old place, always loved them and these are really so beautiful…star holding star, stitch after stitch…to visit here is calmness and beauty.

  2. Sharon Koch

    love experiencing the evolution of your personal symbols. that double wishing star takes me into another dimension. feels kaleidoscopic. something about an array of sharpened pencils that says, “let’s play!” must be soul-o’s thoughts also! x

  3. Jen NyBlom

    not sure which image I like best here— Soul-O & the Home Nest (comfort), those morning glories against the dark background (Drama!) and always—-the stitching and your amazing interpretations of all things textile!! Each pic as I scroll….I whisper, “Oooooo!”

  4. Jan

    I prefer simple forms — in my quilting and in my life — but always seem to add complexity to them. Maybe it’s some embroidery in a corner, buttons along seams, building on colors, adding embellishments. But it’s complexity that I add, not that comes running at me from elsewhere. Your double star doubles the inspiration.

  5. Cath

    Peaceful and beautiful pictures today! Thank you for the wave of peacefulness they brought to my mind and heart! I love your snail sculpture!

  6. debgorr

    Complicated has been one of my go to words for the last year and a half. I like that it is descriptive but doesn’t show an opinion one way or the other. It’s usually a word everyone can agree upon even in disagreement about other things. And we all have wishes, maybe a double wishing star makes space for more than one person to wish? Love your morning glories.

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